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Having been involved in the #FDroid project in the last 3 years I've used #Gitlab a lot during this time.

Not only do I find it more intuitive to use by now (and github is slowly copying features that gitlab introduced years ago), it also really makes a difference that the development of gitlab itself is open.

Got an bug/feature request? Jump into the issue tracker and help shape the discussion about it. Or someone might even jump in and provide an implementation for it.

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@mart1oeil corporate tech marketing bullshit as usual

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You can find some goodies at the front desk !
tee-shirts, mugs, hat and tote-bag.
You can also find some stickers.

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Tor Browser sur Android est donc dispo sur F-droid (Experience real private browsing without tracking, surveillance, or censorship.) -

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Feuilletés au confit d'oignons et confiture de figue, parfait au caramel, pas de doute, l' #afgffdn2019 est sur les rails \o/

@ButterflyOfFire l'essentiel c'est l'esprit du rugby et ça, je pense que pas mal d'algériens l'ont déjà :)

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Nous voilà en version 2.8.4 ! Au menu, des petites corrections, notamment une correction de sécurité. Bons pouets !

@whilelm @Siltaer 16, et en général, j'ai 7Go de consommés par firefox+chromium+signal-desktop+wire-desktop+rocketchatdesktop

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Me: we should have emoji domains!

Techies: Impossible, you idiot, because security.

Me: Bullshit. Emoji don't look like normal characters, there's zero risk here. Just whitelist the smileys already.

Techies: OK, you're batshit insane, we're just going to ignore you now.

Me: ☻

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Are there adapters from usbC -> Thinkpad (rectangular) for charging? Would be so nice to only have one charger with me...

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