Interesting times. I'm starting to see bits and pieces of Twitter-style spam on here.

Advocates for the federated model believe the improved moderator/user ratio will keep things from getting out of hand. I'm on the fence.

Until now, the lack of spam has been mostly a result of this being a niche, obscure, tiny part of the Internet. Spamming it wasn't worth the effort.

As the Fediverse grows, theories will be tested! Fingers crossed.

@HerraBRE question is, will we find a way to make setting up a new spam account considerably more costly (in terms of time, for example) than moderating the hell out of it by a moderator.


@rysiek @HerraBRE other question is, will the collective federated intelligence that we are be able to find something more clever than what the old silo model achieved ?

@rysiek @HerraBRE we're able to discuss publicly and shape solutions in a very different manner than Twitter. Compromises and changes can be made with the involvement of all users (in theory). That's something exciting.

@taziden @HerraBRE one (obvious?) thing that Fediverse has going over walled gardens is that there doesn't have to be a single policy for everyone. One size does not fit all as far as standards of debate and communication are concerned.

Walled gardens painted themselves into a corner: they have to provide the same rules for everyone, or they get called out on it. And it's impossible on some basic level (sex work friendly vs. family friendly, for example).

@taziden @HerraBRE but that actually *complicates* the spam problem. Many instances, many policies, how does one block spam coming from all around the Fediverse?

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