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Gary Bernhardt re-wrote an email by Linus Torvalds in a way that made it less insulting. Both the result and how he got there is a very readable and nice. Highly recommended: destroyallsoftware.com/blog/20

Dans un pays qui a trouvé le KillSwitch d'Internet, on parle de Smart … shitty 😂

.@Blender's videos on #YouTube have now come back, but they are also being told by Google/YT that they HAVE to monetise them. #Blender are considering refusing, which presumably would mean the videos being taken down again:


Whatever they once stood for, #Google's aim now is exploiting their users' content for maximum profit.

If you don't want your videos to be exploited, it is important to switch to an independent alternative:



I might as well show you the interface to manage users. This still pretty basic, but you can use it to:

- list all the users of your instance
- search them
- order by signup date, last activity date, etc.
- see their permissions, status, email
- grant or remove them permissions
- activate/deactivate their account


Hi! It's been a long time since the last gif!

The next release will include a new invitation system to make it easier for instance owners to let their friend and family join their instances without opening signup completely.

You can see how it works below (as well as a brief glance of the new "user admin" area):


Only admins generate those codes, they are valid for 14 days and can be deleted at any time.

#funkwhale #feature

Oh, and mark my words -- as soon as the copyfraud lobby starts losing the debate around #Article11 and #Article13, they *will* take out the big guns: child pornography and terrorism.

When (not "if"!) that happens, remember: I called it!

so apparently telling musk to that if he really cares about freedom he should turn his business into a workers coop is a violation of twitters rules

Barbecue @FAImaison ce soir, quartier Île de Versailles à Nantes.

Hummus & libertés numériques, grillades et wifi de quartier, chips et vie privée… Viens causer, grignoter, nous rencontrer…

On compte sur chacun·e (et donc sur toi aussi) pour apporter mets et boissons.

Ouvert à tou·te·s, si tu souhaites venir, envoie un mail à contact at faimaison.net

After discussing with @dansup this morning, I've opened a bunch of issues regarding user activity federation in Funkwhale: code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhal

You may remember that right now, federation is only about sharing tracks between instances. Once the previous milestone is implemented, users will be able to follow each others on the fediverse, comment on music on so on.

I guess I have my summer scheduled ;)

Déclaration de Sabrina Calvo à propos de son boycott du festival Futur.e.s #payetonauteur #auteursencolere lavolte.net/nous-sommes-un-met

Tiens, si je vous disais qu’il y a rien que j’adorais plus que les longues chevauchées solitaires dans les grands espaces vierges. La communion intime avec la nature, l’extase des sens, un sentiment grisant de liberté, l’osmose, quoi.

“This email will, probably, be intercepted like 11,600,000 other documents. I don't care.”

Indeed, it has been.

Read the story about the beginning of the end of infamous offshore firm #MossackFonseca on the new #PanamaPapers 🌴💸 here: occrp.org/en/panamapapers/insi

Ce mercredi 20 juin, quelques jours après une manifestation festive contre #Cigéo qui a rassemblé plus de 3000 personnes à Bar-le-Duc, dix
lieux militants (dont la Maison de Résistance de Bure) et domiciles ont été perquisitionnés, jusqu'à Paris. 7 personnes sont en garde à vue !


Le Réseau "Sortir du nucléaire" relaie l’appel à rassemblement ce soir à 18h devant toutes les préfectures, en soutien aux personnes arrêtées et à la lutte contre Cigéo. #bure

L'Internet local n'est pas coupé, au fait, j'arrive à pinguer des plages locales DZ. Mais l'accès international est coupé.

Dites, les gens du #fediverse, une idée de la consommation énergétique que représente #Mastodon, #PeerTube et autres logiciels reliés au Fediverse ?
Comment cela peut-il se mesurer, s'évaluer ? (question de béotien curieux.)