@strypey just a heads up, because I don't know if you get notified from Solid forum. User Smag0 has directed 2 msgs to you. Last one to me also, but I'm not knowledgable enough on the subject to respond (just promoting #ActivityPub vs #Solid interop).

This is the first post: forum.solidproject.org/t/discu

@spoggy I have added #Agora to the AP watchlist for fediverse.party:

Where can I find source code? What license(s) covers the code? What language(s) is it written in?



@strypey @humanetech
Source is here github.com/scenaristeur/agora totally js/node lithtml/webcomponents.
What licence?
Don't know, 🤔, something that if someone reuse and earn money with that, must reverse a concequent part to help the project... Don't know if it exist?

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#AGPL doesn't require re-users to share income with the upstream developers, only to make source code available for the software and any modifications they make to it, even if they use it in an online service instead of "distributing" it in more traditional ways (downloads etc):

But it does discourage extractive re-users, who prefer pushover licenses like "MIT" that don't oblige them to reciprocate at all. See this hack job:

@humanetech @spoggy

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