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Tere mast mastodon nain, mere dil ka le gaye chain 👀

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There's one memory of my childhood I'm not mentally prepared to shared till date and it haunts me till this time. Certain incidents keep triggering it. And I cannot explain it to other when this happens. It might seem to them like I'm overreacting and I know I will never completely recover from it although I hope I do.

Ask your female friends if they've ever been molested or touched inappropriately. It's more common than you think. Almost every female in my circle have had this kind of instance. It's really sad. And yet we stand helpless.

I'm so non-vegetarian that even my sarees are Chikan.

Hi! I did a Spicejet landing page redesign. Would love some feedback :blobcat:

“SpiceJet-Website Landing Page Redesign: Case Study” “SpiceJet-Website Landing Page Redesign: Case Study” by Pooja Sinha

Where can I get a black speed cube? Links?

When you apply for a job they ask for experience but for experience you need a job. What is this behaviour? :doge:

Anyone from here on medium? Help your friend out :blobcat:

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I need one more follower for a even follower count :doge:

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