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Tere mast mastodon nain, mere dil ka le gaye chain 👀

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I'm so non-vegetarian that even my sarees are Chikan.

Guys it's for the job, Kuch to seriously lo

Hi! I did a Spicejet landing page redesign. Would love some feedback :blobcat:

“SpiceJet-Website Landing Page Redesign: Case Study” “SpiceJet-Website Landing Page Redesign: Case Study” by Pooja Sinha

Where can I get a black speed cube? Links?

When you apply for a job they ask for experience but for experience you need a job. What is this behaviour? :doge:

Anyone from here on medium? Help your friend out :blobcat:

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Let’s see how many of you will #boost this! :0140:

I need one more follower for a even follower count :doge:

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@poojasinhaa i understood. what i meant to clarify is that 1. maybe we need to expand our vision beyond simply measuring how good a person based on how far they are formally educated. 2. even for those not well formally educated, they have the resources to educate themselves to be a well rounded good person if they so choose.
i am just seeing your pov in another way, not dismissing it. :)

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