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I'm a 3 ^^

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Apple macOS Menu Bar Evolution (1984 - present)

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IMAGE: NASA-GSFC, Adriana M. Gutierrez (CI Lab)

French cloud 🥸

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🚀 heute Abend nimmt Scaleway zum "Burgers & Bordeaux" in Saarbrücken teil, wo lokale Startups über ihre Erfahrung auf Viva Technology berichten. Danke Saaris und Co:hub 66 für die Einladung !

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i've purchased and stockpiled every juul pod available on the western seaboard. in the coming months i will become defacto king of california

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For people who want an alternative to Google, K-9 Mail will always be on the F-Droid store. And that includes after we eventually transition to Thunderbird!

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The notion of AIs developing their own kinds of magic is terrifying

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