they're now close to be real americans. 😓


Canada murder rate in 2020 hits 15-year high, pushed up by mass shooting


Hey local timeline ! Hello to you all !
One question
I'm lazy. I want to be more on Mastodon
Is it ok to link the accounts (but you will get all my RTs from twitter) ?
Thanks for your feedback I don't want to bother anyone here !

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Mozilla’s now director of public policy once asked me, with a straight face, why I was giving them a hard time and holding Mozilla to a higher standard: “we’re just another Silicon Valley tech company.”

But that’s not what you tell people publicly, is it, Mozilla?

Still, it’s time y’all got this.

Mozilla is a half-billion-dollar for-profit corporation – whose CEO makes >$3M/yr – that has a foundation do its PR.

#mozilla #SiliconValley #BigTech #SurveillanceCapitalism

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Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

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Apple's chickens are coming home to roost even for blind people now. Today, the Flicktype keyboard team announced that their keyboard, which made typing as fast for blind people as it is for the sighted, will be taken off the App Store because of Apple's terrible treatment of them. Of course, Apple won't care, but the blindness community is tightly knit, for better or worse, so I could see a few people consider Android for their next phone, even if just a little. And I know y'all have heard this before, but I could see blind people really flock to FOSS. So FOSS must be ready when, not if, that happens. I mean, maybe Apple will be forced to open up. But they'll fight it every step of the way. So let's be ready!

#a11y #apple #accessibility #typing

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Dear journalists,

This isn’t about a PR snafu by Apple. This is about Apple crossing a very real line in terms of de facto removing any expectation of privacy from mainstream networked personal technology.

#apple #privacy

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@angiegaudion sera demain à Port-de-Bouc pour participer au forum #UnAutreMondeEstPossible lors du débat "les enjeux du numérique" avec les copains de @LaQuadrature @aprilorg et @acrimed

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Après la loi SG, nos échecs au Conseil d'État, le règlement de censure terro, la loi séparatisme, l'échec de nos plaintes GAFAM... ces derniers mois n'annoncent rien d'heureux.

Nous continuerons la lutte, sous toutes ses formes. Merci pour votre soutien :

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Si vous aussi avez des informations sur les expérimentations d'Angers sur la vidéosurveillance automatisée, lancez l'alerte en faisant fuiter les documents sur

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Notre plateforme de fuite de documents nous a permis de repérer que sous couvert de « territoire intelligent », Angers a voulu expérimenter reconnaissance faciale, détection de comportement suspects ou encore suivi d'une personne sur plusieurs caméras.

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Après plusieurs années de participation au réseau en tant qu’observateur, la Quadrature rejoint maintenant EDRi en tant que membre à part entière. Merci à tous les membres qui ont approuvé notre demande d’adhésion ainsi qu’à l’équipe d’EDRi <3

intéressant, quand les outils sont là il faut les utiliser correctement :

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