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I work there but currently in vacations. Do I still have a job? 🤷

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there is a point where signage goes from “informative” to “am i in the looney tunes universe now and what does the coyote want from me”

Intégrer ou soutenir un collectif en lien avec l'écologie ça peut prendre beaucoup de formes :
• association
• média spécialisé
• parti politique
• groupe de travail dans une entreprise
• laboratoire de recherche
• collectif artistique
• habitat participatif
• éco-village
• chantier participatif
• tiers-lieu
• ...

Pour le soutenir, vous pouvez donner :
– de votre argent
– de votre réseau
– de votre temps
– de vos compétences

L'été est une bonne période pour faire le point sur nos envies 🙂

Je relis des vieilles BD que j'ai écrit pis je ris tout seul.

C'est si con!!!

#Amazon announced the shutdown of their Drive by the end of next year. That gives you time to migrate to another storage solution. Suggestion: move to a platform that makes it easy to move from one platform to another, so you're not stuck getting your data out! #Nextcloud


The legendary Nichelle Nichols has died at 89.

Her son Kyle announced the news of her passing.

Nichols was a trailblazer.

She was one of the first Black actors to play a major role on a television series and the type of role she had on Star Trek was groundbreaking.


"Wow. You have a lot of books. It's like a library!"
"You think so?"
"Yeah! So do you have a secret door hidden in the book cases?"
"Only books, I'm afraid."
"But some books are."
"Are what?"
"Secret doors, leading to awesome places."
"Cool! Can you show me?"
"I'd love to!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

If I'm using Firefox and uBlock Origin, is it still worth it to also use the Containers extension to make sure Google and Facebook can't track me everywhere I go online?

Si j'utilise Firefox et uBlock Origin, est-ce que c'est quand même utile d'utiliser l'extension des Containers pour éviter que Facebook et Google me suivent partout?

politique canada 

J'aime qu'il y a des questions à propos des fusions de compagnies d'internet

often we are not really aware of it, but: our cities are geared towards cars. the swedish graphic artist Karl Jilg shows in a simple but ingenious illustration how little space in cities often remains for pedestrians.

I just don't get why yoga has such a stereotype of being "for women". Like it's not "manly" enough...

Whatever! I like yoga. I hated any other type of sports before I tried yoga. It helped quite a bit with my neck/shoulder/arm pain. And it's just enjoyable. Physical activity doesn't need to be painful and extra hard or violent to be fun and efficient.

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A cool comment seen on a yoga video 

"Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would practice yoga. I am a big big guy (6'3, 234) ex football player. I do a lot of power lifting. Yoga has helped my mobility so much with my lifts and flexibility and ability to heal. I have never been this flexible and this pain free. I'm a combat veteran as well so I struggle with a alot of PTSD. Yoga helps me find my center and jusk be ok with everything. I enjoy yoga right after my morning runs."

PeerTube needs your help to plan their future! Vote for features you would like or submit suggestions!

Let’s improve PeerTube!

We released gum yesterday, which lets you enhance your shell scripts with a user-friendly TUI, complete with dialogs, prompts, lists, and selections.

if you're into scripting or crafting immensely powerful shell one-liners, you should honestly check out the README, there are a ton of amazing examples:

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