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It's almost Christmas season! C'est presque Noël!

I was thinking, what's the funniest way your relatives have misinterpreted what it is you do for a living?

Je me demandais, quelle est la façon la plus comique dont vos proches ont mal compris votre job?

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I'll start: I work in a lab so everyone thinks I have something to do with covid testing or vaccine development or something. I'm a neurobiologist so huh, no, unfortunately!
Je vais commnencer. Je travaille dans un laboratoire, donc mes proches semblent tous penser que je travaille au dépistage du covid ou au développement de vaccins, mais je travaille en neuroscience! Donc, non, haha!

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so biology diagrams, out of necessity, give us nice and pretty and spaced-out views of what the inside of a cell looks like. it's so you can clearly identify which part is which, when you're learning about that.

but as imaging gets better and better, it becomes even clearer what an absolute riotous mishmash traffic jam is inside every single cell. people are putting together far more accurate pictures of what is happening, using both imaging and 3d re-creations, and merging the two.

here's a really cool example of that!

you can click on individual pictures to then roll over bits and bobs - but i'll warn you, it's at the "you're in med school" level of cell biology, looking at individual signalling pathways, so don't feel distressed if you don't know most of this shit. this is graduate-level cell biology stuff.

also note: all of this is false color, the inside of your cells isn't actually this level of lisa frank. it's been colorized to help people identify which part is which. however it's also been made with using x-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryoelectron microscopy datasets, in terms of the imaging that's been brought to bear here to help create this far more complete model.

this glorious riot of activity is happening continuously in each and every single one of your cells!

and i think that is pretty fuckin neato!

#biology #cellbiology #science #notsurewhattotagthisbutitsfuckinneato

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Image rare d'un code-barres se rebellant contre un QR code en milieu naturel...

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on the Amazon warehouse disaster (long) 

The Amazon warehouse collapse reminds vee of my own brushes with companies that put their profit over worker safety in such a flagrant manner.

The thing is, from the inside, it's never quite so flagrant. There's never a human being telling you to your face "Yes we're putting you at risk to keep our profits up". It's always a policy, an oversight, a glitch, something that's being worked on.

My first real job was a call center in Florida. I remember when hurricane season hit and we were given a number to call each day before leaving for work to check if the office was open. It always was. Every time.

I remember one particular day we had a predicted hurricane landfall set for my commute hours. I decided not to go; I'd be spending half an hour on the road right when it was projected to hit; no way. I tried to call in, using the automated PBX garbage we were instructed to. It was "down".

I tried to call my manager, couldn't reach him. I eventually called HR directly and was told if I didn't submit my call-in to the PBX I'd be considered a no-show and terminated. When I explained the PBX was down, the rep repeated their statement verbatim. I explained again, they repeated again.

They didn't know (or rather wouldn't tell) who to contact about the PBX being down. They said it was an oversight in process and they'd look into having someone to call for next time.

That's when it kind of clicked for vee, you know? I refused to go in; I got "lucky". The office got closed basically by order from the state. Next time I went in for work, parts of the building were damaged; I got seated next to a blown out window. I got rained on during my shift.

In my next manager meeting I relayed this story to him. He nodded slowly and jumped into an obviously rehearsed speech about "Yes our policy says you must call the PBX to call in. It being down is an oversight. We will consider revising the policy in the coming weeks"

They never did. They didn't because this was all deliberate. Never tell your workers "We're abusing you", but put up velvet ropes so they can't exit the planned path. The planned path being abuse.

It's never flagrant. They never bold-faced tell you. They just wall you in, force you to follow a protocol, and claim any abuse baked in is "a glitch", then never fix it. They blame the slow wheels of business, every time. A fix is coming, once all the stakeholders sync up.

Then people die because with no humane, basic respect for their safety and dignity, they're left with the choice to submit to the abusive system or be victimized "by policy"

I'm not surprised this happened.
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Dozens of current and former Bungie employees shared stories of harassment, crunch, and abusive bosses at the Destiny developer.

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Je viens de donner un gros tas d'argent.

Les employés d'Activision Blizzard King font la grève pour dénoncer la culture de harcèlement et d'exploitation des employés, et l'inaction des gestionnaires, principalement du PDG Bobby Kotick. Ils collectent de l'argent pour soutenir les employés en grève qui vont perdre leur salaire.

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Oh la la! C'était bon ce livre!! Et avec des illustrations vraiment magnifiques.

Ballade pour Sophie (Filipe Melo, Juan Cavia, 2020)

Ça parle de piano, de parents toxiques, de nazis, de vieillir, de l'amitié, de la célébrité.

Je vais le relire avant de le retourner à la bibliothèque!

Vivre chaque jour comme si on avait un cancer!

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This latest post ( accompanies my (slightly sarcastic) Web3 analysis ( with some ideas on what a true iteration of the Web should look like.

A lesson in why we should not blindly trust new technologies and promises from billionaires.

The Cotton Gin - Seeds of a Lie - Extra History

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Vraiment triste.

Trois jours avec l'équipe d'urgence en santé mentale de Montréal | Terrain | Rad

Oula! J'ai fait une petite sieste de… 2h!!

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