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Un joli court métrage d'animation sur la vie de couple dans un monde en feu. Avec une pompière et un magicien!

Je ne sens plus rien - ONF

Companies claim to sell us happiness, but really, they know the truth: They know that we are more valuable to them if we're unhappy. So they don't want to sell us happiness. They don't want us to be happy. They want us to be forever unhappy and keep buying their products.

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don't use your machines as disposable objects of materialist fetishism
instead love your machines like pets

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Fools & Dreamers.

"The incredible story of how degraded gorse-infested farmland has been regenerated back into beautiful New Zealand native forest over the course of 30 years."

De la bonne lecture matinale!

La place du numérique à l’école relève de la place de l’école dans la société

Ça parle d'enseignement, des GAFAM qui rentrent dans les écoles, de philosophie, de profs désemparés par la Covid et l'enseignement à distance, de gens bien intentionnés à qui on a dit "non" depuis 15 ans, de CHATONS et de ministres de l'éducation qui se font beaucoup lobbyés.

ouain, j'ai un peu chié ma finale... oh well! lol

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Ma première expérience avec ORCA, un logiciel créé par mon très inspirant ami @neauoire
Ça s'installe bien, ça roule bien, ça se connecte bien à Sunvox et tel qu'attendu c'est... complètement ésothérique et incompréhensible! Comme tous les outils qu'il fait! :D

Ça promet d'être un outil cool pour continuer à faire des tunes!


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I’ve read Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet today and now I think: a plain old static website is enough most of the time. The only part of such website composed of entries with dates would be a Change Log. The rest of it would be just notes, articles, pictures, you name it.

Petit film d'animation cute. Une vieille madame part en vacance en train en transportant sa tête sous le bras.

Une tête disparaît

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"Tell me about these 'Humans' you found," the Galactic Overlord said. "What are their best and worst traits?"
"There is no action so strange a human has never attempted it, no idea so outrageous a human hasn't followed it."
"Is that their best or worst?"
"We don't know."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I talk about old Synthwave videos 

So i posted a few days ago about trying to collate together the old synthwave music videos that kind of brought together the evolving aesthetic of the genre. I figured i might post one ever once in a while in this thread for no real reason but to share something i have deep love for.

So the first, which i consider the ultimate classic of the genre, and is also as far as i can tell, one of the very first to put the pieces together back in 2007, was Lifelike - So Electric, video by HugoRedRose. For reference Drive the film didn't come out until 2011 and Hotline Miami 2012.

I always feel this video is the perfect incarnation for the beginning. Lifelike was one of the french electro precursors to Synthwave - alongside others like Anoraak and Kavinsky - and the video itself is cut together from Xanadu, a film shot in '79, released '80, about the desire to bring together an older music style (Gene Kelly) and a modern (Michael Beck) in a wild neon roller disco.

It also features the first example of the classic trope of magical female focus of literal divine muse (Olivia Newton John).

There's something deeply enchanting about it, and it had huge break through success as an internet video about an relatively unknown music producer, racking up an eight digit view count, though much of that record is lost as the original 2007 video was taken down and the new version does not have the same intense algorithmic link.

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Salut la mastosphère !

L'instance Peertube sur laquelle nous hébergeons nos vidéos est encore tombée... 😭 😱

Nous recherchons une nouvelle instance vers laquelle migrer l'intégralité de nos contenus et poster les nouveaux (intws d'autrices et d'auteurs, bande-annonces de publications...) toujours dans le domaine de la science-fiction et des littératures de l'imaginaire.

Auriez-vous des instances à nous recommander ?

Par avance mille merci, et douceur sur vous ❤️

(Partages appréciés)

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