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Steampunk without commentary on the exploitative machinations of imperialism is not steampunk.

Cyberpunk without commentary on capitalism's efforts to buy the world out from under us is not cyberpunk.

Solarpunk without commentary on how to grow a brighter future for everyone instead of submitting to gloom is not solarpunk.

These three make a trifecta of how capitalism took over, what can happen if it continues, and how to prevent it from doing so. What was, is, and still could be.

If you want to use Construct or Unity to generate your images, you could do like the cat generator that GP made:
Have it generate 1000 or 10k images files, and your bot uses them to post them in toots, one by one.

If you want the toots to reference the attached images, I guess you would need some sort of data list (a big json?) that you also generate at the same time as the images. So that your bot know that image goes with tootMsg[001].

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Fediverse, I need you!

J'ai une machine à coudre Singer d'occase (anciennement celle de ma mère) qui a une légère désynchro entre l'aiguille et la canette. J'ai déjà fait corriger ça et ça m'a coûté 120 balles, donc j'ai pas envie de réitérer ; de plusse j'aimerais gagner en autonomie, donc apprendre à régler seule ma machine.

Est-ce que vous auriez des ressources/de la connaissance à me partager sur le sujet ?

Boosts et réponses très appréciés 💙

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Money Never Sleeps

Les transports publics progressivement réduits dans les prochains jours
#RATP #SNCF #coronavirus #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #COVID2019 #COVIDー19

▶ Source:

✊ Pour soutenir la lutte dessinée:
▶️ 😘

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If you live in the US ... Please register to vote by mail ... Because I could totally see our douchebag of a president deciding to cancel the presidential vote in november due to polls being a point of contagion... if your state allows you to vote by mail you need to go register to vote by mail... Now. Do not wait. and please please please spread this idea and get everyone you know to switch to vote by mail.

Bon. Là si t'as envie de pas entendre parler de maladies pendant 2 heures, vient nous écouter! On est live!

Nous on est plutôt du genre jeux vidéo, bouffe et jeux de mots poches.

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"Your hospitality has been most gracious but..."

The Queen smiled at the funny traveler from the mysterious realm of Arizona, "But..?"

"None of my pants have pockets."

The Queen blinked, and then doubled over, laughing.

"Well, of course not! Why would you need any?" she managed to ask between chortles.

"I'm... used to having them?"

"How odd! I'll have my tailors add fashionably small ones for you then."

"Oh. Thanks," he mumbled.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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Chez ma mère,
super bien installé.
Mon Pi
suspendu dans le vide,
avec les fils qui pendent.
À attendre que
ça installe.

I wish I could do this. But I'm so afraid of people's reaction…

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How can a thing so sweet be so radical?

We need more of this!

Lora Mathis

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She lit the candles and invoked the demon's name.
"I am summoned for thy bidding."
She showed her app.
"Will this work?"
The demon studied the sigils, pentagram, and animations on the phone.
"Can I give you an alias?"
"Only names borne by no angel or demon."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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re: common blind spots in US progressives, example 

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"Vous les collectifs technophiles qui ne jurez que part l’élitisme technique et refusez de remettre en question vos comportements merdiques. Ne vous étonnez pas que de plus en plus de monde fuit vos événements, vos collectifs et ne vous soutiennent plus."

Attendre patiemment que ça update. Avec mon setup de Raspberry Pi super yolo sur une chaise, branché sur une vieille TV chez ma mère. Haha!

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