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Et surtout, les Ufed permettent de retrouver un certain nombre de données supprimées, que ce soit des messages ou des contacts téléphoniques. En tout, plus de 17.000 modèles de téléphones, tablettes ou GPS peuvent être craqués en quelques minutes. Même les modèles les plus récents d’Androïd ou d’Apple sont à sa merci

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And if you post pictures of you or friends, you probably want to set it visible to friends/followers only. As a minimum…

If that's not a good reason to delete your other social media accounts, I don't know what is.

New tool used by to scan everything from social media (including and ) to find and identify you, based on any photo taken from a surveillance camera or whatever.

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It

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Though, being a cat, it only brings it back under very specific conditions and often take its godamn time!

@stickjan @JordiGH A friend of mine has a cat that's really a dog. It does bring back stuff you throw!!!

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@emma Kinda yeah. That story is super weird on both sides. There was a podcast about it, I think from Radiolab (I could search for it if you're curious)

@nx @tootapp Yeah!! It's my favorite way to access Masto!

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Today, I'd like to ask a question.

Why is it that, when you imagine the European middle ages, you think of mud-covered illiterates who don't know what cats look like? Why are the middle ages a period of violence, ignorance, and poverty, a "dark ages" where little of note took place, and the periods that follow aren't?

@gersande yeah… I feel y'a. Sounds like what it means to become older and wiser?

@nicknicknicknick I turned off all email and phone notifications from Twitter and I pretty much never use it anymore. I'll probably delete my account soon.

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@derek Wow, that sounds like quite something!

Féminisme / Travail 

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