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@syntacticsugarglider I really *really* like the Motivation section of their readme, it is well worth a look for every language designer. (and really, every program that is used by other programs is a language)

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@neauoire Ok, je disais ça en joke mais ma tablette a réellement genre 19 ans!! :O

"Intuos2 - released in September 2001"

Dans le temps que c'était solide, et que y'avait pas une batterie à remplacer constamment!

@neauoire Ah... ouais. C'est ça que j'allais demander! :D Oupsi!

I guess que c'est l'avantage d'avoir ma fucking vieille tablette qui a genre 15-20 ans! :D

@neauoire Middle-click dans la page? (pas sur la scroll-bar)

@neauoire Ah ok. Et t'as pas un middle-click pour faire ça? Ça marche dans Firefox par exemple, pour contrôler la vitesse de défilement plus ou moins vite.

@neauoire Quoique j'y pense... la roulette de souris sert à ça déjà, non?

@neauoire Et soudainement je voudrais avoir cette feature sur toutes les fenêtres de tout dans Windows. Surtout pour les longues longues pages web et les longs longs documents!

Quand les gens me demandent où je trouve l'inspiration de créer, qui est ma muse, je réponds... Perforce!

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"[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free beer'. Adopting open source solutions, like adopting a puppy, involves some time spent on care and feeding."

, found this passage yesterday while reading Trevor Owens's "the theory and craft of digital preservation" and I won't stop thinking about it for a while, probably

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windows security (advertising vector), link (sorry)

"A newly discovered form of malware delivered to victims via adverts in search results is being used as a gateway to stealing passwords, installing cryptocurrency miners and delivering additional trojan malware.

Detailed by cybersecurity company Bitdefender, the malware – which targets Windows – has been dubbed MosaicLoader and has infected victims around the world as those behind it attempt to compromise as many systems as possible.

MosaicLoader can be used to download a variety of threats onto compromised machines, including Glupteba, a type of malware that creates a backdoor onto infected systems, which can then be used to steal sensitive information, including usernames and passwords, as well as financial information.

Unlike many forms of malware, which get distributed via phishing attacks or unpatched software vulnerabilities, MosaicLoader is delivered to victims via advertising."

[muffled anticapitalist screaming 48hrs.flac]

@GIbiz does it mean that 57% report equal or worst conditions??

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Pegasus is a piece of malware - a virus - with the sole purpose to infect mobile devices. The eavesdropping made possible by Pegasus violates laws. Its trade must be banned - just like the trade with nuclear weapons is banned. #Fight4Privacy #privacy

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Just deleted a Firebase component from the day job app because it was causing memory corruption, in case you were wondering how it was going with the Google SDK dependencies.

Again: Google's SDKs and libraries are by quite some margin the absolute worst I've ever worked with on iOS. Just utter dogshit quality, with extremely little interest from Google to ever fix anything.

Just avoid Google dependencies when at all possible.

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C’est l’heure du chillax podcast après nos 4 siestes collectives! Venez nous jaser! Chill vibes only.

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