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"Extending lifespan of smartphones [by one year] would cut same CO₂ as eliminating two million cars"

Cool, make it more than just one year then.

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EU is pushing through a new law that will require phone manufacturers to support their products for a longer time, because so many phones are made useless when they would work for much longer without planned obsolescence.

Capitalist corporations need such expensive babysitters.

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@tabinol les élèves ont tous dit "ouache! Des œufs!!" 😫

@tabinol haha! Non mais pour vrai, il en a ramené genre 15!!

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Là j'ai 8 oeufs cuits dur dans mon frigo, après en avoir déjà mangé 5 dans des sandwichs, etc. Vous avez des idées de quoi faire avec?

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Vous avez des idées de recettes à faire avec des oeufs cuits durs?

Les élèves à l'école de mon frère reçoivent des collations parce que c'est une école pauvre. Mais ils mangent pas tout, donc au lieu de jeter tout ça, mon frère dit aux élèvex de rapporter les extras et lui ramène le reste chez nous et c'est moi qui mange tout.
Cette semaine, ils ont reçu...... des oeufs. Genre un oeuf cuit dur, sorti de sa coquille, et emballé individuellement dans du plastique. (complètement absurde, je sais)

@dev By comparaison, pinging Google is similar but pinging Twitter and Facebook is about half those time.

Oh oh… J'ai recommencé à joué à Universal Paperclips. C'est dangereux…

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@MicroSFF …so I had to take a job as a captcha resolver or help Google identify motorcycle and crosswalk

@jasons Probablement Anna Meredith. Du moins la plus inspirante!

@Dolly @cassidyjames And that rebooting is also a valid solution to most problems

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"But how?" the evil overlord said. "Neither man nor woman can slay me."
"Dude," the hero said, wiping the blood off their sword, "that's your problem right there. Oversimplifying everything."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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"Who sent you?"
The intruder froze.
"You haven't come to seek gold or glory for yourself," the dragon said.
It was a short, sad, familiar story.
"Do you want to stay," the dragon asked, "with the others?"
The dragon called for his adopted children.
"I hoard family."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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After many years he finally found the hidden temple, where monks of an ancient order were said to guard the oldest, strongest Word Of Power.
They proudly showed him the Word.
"No?" he exclaimed. "The Word is 'no'? That holds no power!"
The monks looked away from him in sadness.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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