Je viens de terminer une des campagnes de Offworld Trading Company...

Je comprends pourquoi les capitalistes continuent d'exploiter les gens et les ressources. C'est absolument le meilleur feeling du monde!! :D

Première fois que je vois des affiches pour une scie perdue… 😄

Y'a ben juste les banques pour s'imaginer qu'on danse de joie régulièrement en pensant à notre hypothèque.

Ouuuf!!! C'est cher!

Bon. Voyons voir si je pourrais pas faire pareil avec à la place…

So what can you do about this?

First, it's time you change your default search engine! Select DuckDuckGo or Qwant. While not perfect, at least they aren't stealing content (and as a bonus, they also don't spy on you like Google)

(Side note: for year I was personally afraid to make this change from Google to DuckDuckGo, afraid of not being able to find what I want in the web, until I realized that I can still use Google by typing whenever I really need it.)

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Earlier today, my sister sent me an article from Météo Media (The Weather Network in French) about why trees are loosing their leaves earlier this year.

But is it really Météo Media's website? What's AMP?

Somewhere, a Perforce developper or UI designer decided that this... was a good idea for the default size of the diff window.

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