A cool comment seen on a yoga video 

"Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would practice yoga. I am a big big guy (6'3, 234) ex football player. I do a lot of power lifting. Yoga has helped my mobility so much with my lifts and flexibility and ability to heal. I have never been this flexible and this pain free. I'm a combat veteran as well so I struggle with a alot of PTSD. Yoga helps me find my center and jusk be ok with everything. I enjoy yoga right after my morning runs."

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I just don't get why yoga has such a stereotype of being "for women". Like it's not "manly" enough...

Whatever! I like yoga. I hated any other type of sports before I tried yoga. It helped quite a bit with my neck/shoulder/arm pain. And it's just enjoyable. Physical activity doesn't need to be painful and extra hard or violent to be fun and efficient.

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