I recently fell into a hole of absolutely cool decentralized and p2p (peer-to-peer) projects! Interestingly, they are NOT actually using the , but they reach similar goals. I'm sure it will interest some of you!

Cabal: cabal.chat : Server-less decentralized chat, with rooms and groups like Discord. Quite early in development. Linux, Mac, Windows and CLI. Has a very unique and novel approach to moderation in a decentralized context!

Keet: keet.io : a newcomer released this week, but very promising: At the moment it's kinda like Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, with video/audio calls and text chat. Completely , totally p2p. The video and audio quality is top notch! Easier to setup than Zoom or Google Meet. No accounts required. Support sending big files. Free and (soon) open source. Payment features are on the roadmap.

Beaker browser: beakerbrowser.com : A p2p browser. You can make your own website in minutes, and host it on your computer in the browser itself. No server required. Can be used to send large file. Not as reliable as the previous 2: I had difficulty to connect between computers.

Hypercore: hypercore-protocol.org : Hypercore is a protocol and framework to build p2p applications. Keet is actually based on that, not sure about Cabal. More interesting for developers than end users. They have libraries to holepunch easily, swarm, etc.


Note: I'm not associated with any of these projects. I just think they are cool! If you also think they are cool, re-toot! 😄

Another cool one is Earthstar : earthstar-project.org

This one is very early but have some working prototypes apps of various kind: a message board forum, a blog, etc. This project aims more at syncing files automatically, like Google Drive or Dropbox, but without a server. You own your data, no middle men, no tracking. I tried it: it works fine across the Internet but had problems to sync between computers on the same network. Hopefully things will improve soon!

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