Some progress on Inle, a little arcade game @rek and I are working on.

@neauoire @rek For extra juiciness, add some screen shakes!

And for easy Vlambeer-style explosions, you just flash a white circle followed by a black circle. Easy! Just adjust the timing (duration) of each circle. Boom!💥

Of course I don't know if those things are possible in your engine 😅

@narF @rek mhmm, I think it could be done :> I'll make it as juicy as I can, but I must warn you, this sort of timer-based effects is really new to me ^^;


@neauoire That's why I'm not a real programmer! 😜

But it should be simple: draw a circle for ~2 frames, then draw a black circle in its place for ~3 frames, then erase.

Screen shakes are probably easier to start though...

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