I'm looking for an open source password manager and I'm hoping that y'all can help me. I looked at a bunch of websites but it's hard to compare and I have lots of requirements!

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My requirements:
- Open source (and ideally free)
- Windows, Mac and Linux (all 3!)
- Also iPhone (and Android ideally)
- Need to sync automatically across ALL these platforms.
- Master password
- Can use fingerprint on iOS as an alternative to the master password
- Should work offline when necessary
- Should be as easy to use as the Firefox password manager: Automatically fill login forms on websites, including in Firefox on iOS

- Can store credit cards
- For each websites, can store the stupid questions like "what's the name of your dog" and their answers
- Nice to have: Use it to store small files encrypted
- Nice to have: Can work as TOTP as an alternative to Authy and Google Authenticator

I have a Nextcloud server already that I could use to store data and sync

Is there anything that match my needs? There are so many apps and services, each with plugins and options; it's hard to compare! 😵

RT pls! I'm dizzy from having read so many websites and reviews! 😵

Thanks to all of you amazing and beautiful security nerds! Seems like Bitwarden is my best option. I'll check later today and hopefully I can be more secure from now on!

@narF I've been using @bitwarden for a few years and if I'm right it ticks all your requirements.

@bitwarden Oh hi! 😄

While you're here, do you confirm that all my requirements above are met?

Also, what's the oldest iPad you still support? I have an old iPad 4 (from ~2014). Would that still work? Firefox passwords doesn't sync anymore on it and it's part of the reason I'm looking for an alternative!

@narF Just about! ✨ The only item on the list not out yet (coming this year) is offline editing.

Currently vault data is cached and available offline, but offline editing isn't available yet.

If you open up the app store on your iPad, it should show if the device is compatible 👍

@bitwarden So, unfortunately, neither my iPad 4 nor my iPhone 5s were supported: I can't install the Bitwarden app on those. I also tried the web vault but I get a weird error message when I login so I'm assuming that the Safari browser is too old or missing some libraries...

But it's ok. I rarely use those 2 devices anyway. Bitwarden installed easily on my iPhone 6s and all my other computers.

Good job! I might subscribe just because I think you deserve 10$/year for this level of quality!!

@narF Thanks for the update and happy to hear it's working well on the iPhone 6S. Regarding the web vault error feel free to reach out to the support team with the error code for more info 👍

Thanks for supporting Bitwarden! 🙏

i don’t have an answer per se but i do like using AlternativeTo to suggest new software, & it’s got some good filters including open-source

yeah no guarantees ofc but i do like it as a starting point to find new options

@narF I use Bitwarden and I love it... I think if you get the pro version, then it allows for OTP, but otherwise it should fit all your other requirements.

@narF it can even be self-hosted, which it sounds like you are into. 😼

@nosidamphobia The question being: do I trust myself enough to self-host something that important? 😅

@narF Bitwarden looks great to me! I've auditted its code and saw everything expected with a bunch of nice features...

@narF Looking at your requirements, Bitwarden fulfills them all!

You can self-host it, but you don't need to for its security model to hold.

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