@solene Allo!

I was reading your post about usability (

Very interesting btw! I noticed your update at the end where you mention that the Activity view can be recreated in other distribution? I really like this effect but Ubuntu doesn't work well on my super old laptop. I use Lubuntu instead, but it lacks this cool "Activity" mode.

Your solution sounds like it could be what I'm looking for? Could you elaborate?

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@solene Even just a screenshot, if that's easy for you, just so I can see what kind of things in can do.

I come from the macOS world, where they call this "exposé" and it's so usefull to be able to see all my windows at a glance, then click one to bring it forward.

@narF I fixed a typo in my article, it was the software "xfdashboard" and not "xfdesktop". I found a video here showing what it's doing:

Given your question "the Activity view can be recreated in other distribution" and that you come from MacOS, I think you mix things up.

The activity view in GNOME desktop environment is absolutely not specific to Ubuntu, any linux distribution or other system where GNOME can be installed will offer the same GNOME experience with its activity view.

As you use Lubuntu, I think you can simply install xfdashboard and configure a keybinding for it and you will have that "Activity" view on your current favorite desktop.

@solene Very cool!! And thanks for the video!

I'm excited to try it later today! I hope it works! (Lubuntu uses LXQT, not XFCE so I don't know how compatible it will be??)

Thanks again!!

@narF xfdashboard is not tied to XFCE, it's a separate project and while it works fine in XFCE it can be used anywhere

@solene It wooooorks!!!!! OMG I'm so happy! I spent so long trying to get something like that, and it never even worked properly! This is gooood!! With hot corners and all! 😄

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