Ok! After lots of iterations and learning, I've finished my 🎍 bamboo pulley system 🎍 experiment! It was so much fun :3

You can learn more about it on my website: kira.solar/pulleys.html

Please ask any Qs you have -- I'm happy to talk about this!


@neauoire @tty The vidéo worked fine on my phone (iOS 12, Firefox)

@narF @tty :sadlinux: there doesn't seem to be any errors, it looks like my router is blocking something from url : wired.meraki.com that is being called when the page loads, but it probably doesn't affect that

@neauoire the heck!? the page is plain hand-written html with no offsite logic or even any js!

@tty meraki seems to be the marina's wifi blocker system.. Yeah I don't know why it's blocking that video, really weird.

Tried again just now and same error. It's probably just this wifi hotspot, not a browser thing.

@neauoire bummer :( you might be able to wget it though!

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