I'm currently working on a little weird song and I just realized that I had saved multiple exports, which means I'm able to post some sort of work in progress.

This is the first thing I did. It's just some drone background and weird sounds. In reality, it's all the same sample, but at different speeds.

No need to listen to the full thing. It stops near the middle and just keep looping.

The sample itself is actually a mistake. I tried to import something but it glitched because I had no idea what I was doing. And then I kept playing with it, adding effects and stuff, because I thought it sounded cool and it was a good opportunity to learn.

At this stage, I was just happy to make noise, but I knew I wanted to try to make a full song out of it.

The whole thing is just to learn this music software called .

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Now here's version 2. I made some instruments and just recorded some little parts.

First a big, very dirty bass with just waayy too much distortion. Then some twinkly synths.

The timing is completely off, I know. It's difficult for me to play and record in sync, so I just keep it off-sync until I'm really sure that I love a part, and then I re-record 1236 times until I get it synced! :D

I tried some chords near the end. Not sure I like those...

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And the beat is mostly just there to act as a metronome. Because, guess what, it looked like I recorded a song in 9:4 or something?! And then I decided it would be a fun challenge.
(spoiler alert: it just make the whole recording so fucking hard!! I must count every beat in my head or I'll intuitively skip the 9th one.)
1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,*5*, 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,*5*!

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On to v3. At this point, I have worked on this piece for about 5 hours i think, spread over a few evenings. I think it's a lot, but it's because I'm learning Sunvox. That's why i'm progressing so slowly.

I changed most of the chords in the mid-section that I didn't like. I'm not sure what was wrong. Probably too many different chords. I also added an entire wall worth of pads! :D

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Things I'm satisfied with in this version:
- The intro
- The mid-section chords
- The super intense ends (the last bang and echoing static)

Things I still want to improve:
- Everything is super out of sync still
- The buildup to the end. It's on the right track but I don't know what's wrong about it. Probably because out of sync...
- The drum track is too loud. I keep it loud for me to hear it better when I record a new part (in a attempt to stay syncs)

At least I know what to work on!

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In my head, this song is like a bunch of weird robots that realize they could start a choir! :D

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On to version 4, the penultimate one before the final version!

In the mid-section, I added some bass to reinforce the tone and to have this voice play a role in all sections

At this point, I still wasn't sure what was wrong with the ending buildup. I kept trying different things. On the path toward version 5-final, I tried a bunch of things that I haven't kept: new chords, new instruments, etc. You'll see the results in the next one!

At least this version is enough in sync to be viable.

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All right! Here's the final version now! (Final as in "good enough". Final as in "until I decide I want to make more tweaks"!) 😜

After a few weeks of on-and-off work, I'm quite happy with the result. I finally fixed the ending. Turns out the solution wasn't to add stuff but to remove. Namely that out-of-sync and out-of-place big pad note.

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You'll notice I added a new voice, some sort of "vibraphone" with lots of echo&reverb. It's a little bit of cute in this smog of creepy electric darkness.

The creepy robots are finally happy in their new choir!

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