What is preventing the Fediverse of making a forum type service? What's preventing existing forums (discourse, Reddit, StackOverflow) of being compatible with the Fediverse?

I dream of a day where we can leave Facebook Groups and Reddit…

I guess it's "Just" a question of code.. Discourse could have its own plug-in to make a forum #ActivityPub enabled, that would allow us here to follow forum users & get their participation in any fediverse client. The same way WordPress has 2 #ActivityPub plugins & allow WordPress users to have their own federated identity.
For instance @okcinfor is a WP author with its own identity that you can follow from your account.

That would be amazing!
Would bring a lot of existing communities into the fediverse!
@narF @okcinfor

@rmdes yes, for sure. Well.. I placed my hearts at the relevant posts already for CodingHorror to get convinced it is worthwhile (I think from the standpoint of Discourse it would be a great feature too) :D

@narF @okcinfor

@narF Existing big forums (reddit, facebook,... ) don't have interest to be compatible with competitors.

@narF one of the main reason Facebook still exists is "all my friends use Facebook"

@Tjiho Well, yeah, of course I know that. Now I want to know how we can change that!

@narF Except force them to be interoperable and force theme to use standard by law, I don't know.
In fact the forum type service already exists it's diaspora, but it's not appealing.

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