Something to think about:

When Facebook, Instagram, Google Gmail, or whatever app asked to have access to your contact list to "help you find your friends", and you accepted, you gave them access to all the email addresses, phone numbers and home address of all the people in your list.

Did you ask permission to all these people before doing that? Do you think they are happy about what you did?

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@narF The day I realized this was the day I got creeped out enough to actually set forth a plan to delete my Google account and my Facebook.

@Lofenyy Nice!! And did you started working on that plan?

@narF I no longer have a Google, Facebook or a Reddit account. I have an email, bank account and a few scattered fedi accounts. That's it. I'm planning on keeping a closer eye on my accounts sometime in the future as well.

@Lofenyy Oh wow, you're way ahead of me then! Google is hard to get rid of. It's a slow process, replacing each service one by one.

Those people I wanted to keep contact with, I wrote to them personally saying I was going to leave Facebook. They were happy to provide other ways of communicating.

@narF I will admit, that while I no longer have a Google or a Reddit account, I still use Youtube quite frequently, but only via youtube-dl, newpipe and invidious. I also use Reddit quite frequently also, and directly too. It's the largest forum site in the world, so quitting Reddit completely for me is like trying to quit Wikipedia.

@Lofenyy I'm hoping that the fediverse will soon offer services like Reddit but decentralized. Forums with a single account that works in all of them.

@narF Lucky for me, I only ever used Youtube, Drive, Gmail, Maps and Search. I now only use Youtube (indirectly) and Maps.

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