Remember when youtube wasn't commercial and was just full of weird things? When it felt like a social network full of social people instead of advertisers and brands?

Anyway, this is my favorite video ever, I think.

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Too bad she stopped making videos regularly after her comments filled up with creepy dudes

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That was the era when they were called "vlogger".

Now we call them "youtubers" or "influencers", and it smells like capitalism.

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@narF there is also a "nice" chunk of optimization of clicks that is not subtle, just like, I don't know...


With a big face on the thumbnail, a red arrow pointing to something, a big number, and so on, many tricks to make people click instinctively, related to actuality if possible.

Not to mention the "please like and subscribe and click the bell and comment".

@Fishou Exactly. The clickbait is what keeps me away of youtube. I wish there was a way to turn off the recommended videos at all.

@narF clickbait is one thing, but the content obviously suffers from this "optimisation", YouTube can feel like the playstore in a way: lot of content, many clickbaits, just enough content to not leave the current media playing, suspense and other things to keep people engaged with nothing engaging, ads all over, older videos don't suffer as much from that obviously, but still, I wish I had the will to get rid of it (there is only one content creator I really enjoy on there)

@Fishou I use to follow the ~5 channels I really like and I ignore the rest. I give them money through Patreon to compensate for the missing ad revenue.

@Fishou I agree with your observation. I feel exactly the same.

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