Any suggestions on where to buy digital comics and graphic novels *DRM free?* Legal and legit places of course. Ideally not owned by Google or Amazon.

@narF IDW sell their own comics on their website as EPUBs and PDFs

@oakreef @narF Even via Comixology, IDW and Dynamite content can be downloaded DRM-free. Marvel and DC aren't going to let you though no matter where you buy it.

Humble Bundle usually has some good/large DRM-free comic book offers. Currently:

@ocdtrekkie Good thing I'm not really interested in those two :)

Though, comiXology is owned by amazon so I'd like to avoid them. And Humble is not really a digital comic *store*, more like a promo thing, so I can't buy specific comic/manga I'm looking for.

But thanks for the reply! 🙂

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