Now I want to tell you about my favorite webcomic: Questionable Content. It's one the few things that will always cheer me up because it's so funny. It also have a diverse cast (age, origin, gender, orientation, culture, etc) and interesting complex characters. It's probably what Big Bang Theory would have been if it was actually funny*! :P

You can start to read it here, all online for free:
(Dont worry, the art gets better after a couple pages)

Hannelore is the best!

This one is the first page of a chapter that focuses on her. And her mom visiting. And it goes just as bad as you can imagine!

C'est rare que je me reconnaît dans les personnages de films ou d'histoires en général. Je dois pas être assez mainstream.
Mais des fois, y'a un personnage secondaire qui fait ou dit quelque chose et là je me reconnaît. C'est un feeling nice.

Did I ever said that Hannelore is the best? Cause that was a lie. Sam is the bester!

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