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J'ai écris sur pourquoi je pense que tu devrais lâcher facebook. Avec quelques trucs pour t'aider en prime!

C'est quand même un long texte pour moi qui est habitué à juste écrire ~3 paragraphes. Ça m'a pris beaucoup de temps. J'aimerais savoir ce que vous en pensez.

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Quand tu comprends qu'on est juste une gang de singes qui se pensent bons, debout à la surface d'une petite roche qui file à 30000 km/h dans le vide, y'a pu grand chose qui te dérange dans la vie.

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Hey, #ActivityPub experts: what's your opinion of #Spritely so far? I'm just reading up on it and trying to wrap my head around its various parts, and wonder what other people's opinions on it are.
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Joplin is a free open source note taking and to-do app which you can sync online. You can follow at:

➡️ @joplinapp

It's available for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows from

Joplin is compatible with a number of syncing services including @nextcloud

#Joplin #Notes #NoteTaking #ToDo #Apps #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #iOS #Android #Linux #Mac #Windows

La question du moment: Est-ce que Savon à main va dans la section Bouteilles? 🤔

Why I don't like to travel, condensed in 1 picture.

Basically, it uses just way too much non-renewable fossil fuel, which the comic calls "energy slaves" (you'll have to read it to understand why)


Free comic. Read it online. Takes about 10-20 minutes to read. Pay what you want.

Aucune idée si le setup marche! Y'a peut-être un podcast en ce moment… ou un fiasco! Ouh la la!

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every time Canadians show up to talk about how they're *slightly* better than Americans, I think about the fact that black and indigenous canadians are killed by police at a rate of about 1 every 12.6 days. ya country is wack too.

Perforce is like your annoying ex:
super picky about everything you do, but will never clean up its own crap.

Why we need more women in tech:

"This is what happens when the people making these decisions aren't people who have to worry about harassment"

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Yay! I finished the #DTIYS challenge for @ geeksarecool on Twitter!
I loved drawing it. I hope you people like it too! :D

Here’s my version and the original for comparison ✨

#mastoart #drawthisinyourstyle #art #digitalart #illustration #creativetoots #artchallenge

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introducing BRONOUNS

they're like PRONOUNS

but for MEN

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J'ai écrit pour me poser des questions à moi-même.

Pourquoi est-ce que je me sens jugé de jouer à des jeux vidéo?

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Mettons que je me reconnaît beaucoup dans ce qu'elle dit de ne pas faire. Je vais essayer de m'améliorer, un truc à la fois. Et me mettre une note pour réécouter le vidéo dans un an pour voir!

10 ways to have a better conversation | Celeste Headlee

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Framasoft is looking for a contractor for a quite trivial development (Honeypot) for Gitlab.

Framasoft recherche un⋅e prestataire pour un développement relativement trivial (Honeypot) pour Gitlab

Infos :

Update: Having now read your answers, I now understand better. It seems to be something that needs to be done by the creators of Mastodon and Pleroma and others on the database/server/API side.

I'm not sure who to contact. Who are the people making those?

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@Shufei They have both blind trust and understanding of tech. Whenever I read anything about this I can't help but laugh.. nanomachines, AI, von neuman satellite, are you fucking kidding me, we can't even manufacture a bluetooth speaker that works consistently.

Their flying cars are gonna run on electron, their prosthetic limbs will randomly reboot, their embrace in technological know-how would be inspiring, if it wasn't so deluded.

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I want to talk about algorithms on social media. Specifically about how mastodon and the Fediverse often write on their presentation page or feature list about how they "don't have algorithms" because they display posts in chronological order.

👇A thread

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