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Quand tu comprends qu'on est juste une gang de singes qui se pensent bons, debout à la surface d'une petite roche qui file à 30000 km/h dans le vide, y'a pu grand chose qui te dérange dans la vie.

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Hey all, just an FYI:

Monument Valley 2 is free on the Google Play Store right now! And also Apple Store too !!

Excellent puzzle game that's normally like 6-7$ so defs recommend picking it up!!

C'est drôle, plus je suis isolé, et moins je regarde mon téléphone, Mastodon et tout ça.

Bon jeudi! Ce soir au podcast, Kamylle vient nous parler du nouveau Animal Crossing et Anne-Marie joue à Danganronpa!



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She received no answer, just the sound of footsteps and hooves growing distant.

But she was a better climber than even she realized, so every night she would seek out the homes of the stricken and leave baskets of food, water and soap for those who needed it the most.

Her muscle ached from her climbs and heavy satchel, but her heart hurt the most, for there was only so much she could carry. Only so far she could travel.

So she overthrew her father the moment she was officially retrieved.

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The Kingdom was swept by a vile plague and the princess was quickly transported to the outskirts, to a battered, dried up well - a very refurbished well containing lavish rooms; a library, a kitchen stuffed with months of food and drink with a unicorn-blessed fountain of clean, infinite water.

"But it's not fair," she wailed, as she was lowered into it.

"It's for your own good, your highness."

"But what of everyone else," she cried.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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She lay in the grass listening.

It grew up around her and whispered; she laughed softly at its jokes.

She whispered jokes back, but they weren't very good; the grass chuckled back softly, just to be kind.

They spoke of much; of growing, of changing, how it's all unavoidably connected, how the sky will always be high and the mountains could one day be lower.

Each day they grew closer, until eventually it was impossible to tell them apart.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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T'as tu des émotions, mon PokerFace de cheval? Nope! Zéro émotions! Niet!

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Look at mah hors. My hors is aamazin'!

Look at his face! This emotionless face!

Always cool to read stuff like that. It's ok for manly mens to do yoga, work their flexibility and find inner peace.

Pouvez-vous croire qu'on paye genre un demi-million de dollars annuellement pour cette merde?!

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Today's Perforce bullshit:
After changing my monitors setup, Perforce opens its popup outside of my screen. And then refuse any input on anything else.

Any tricks I'm reading online worked with my other apps... but no, not with mighty Perforce!

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Everyday, Perforce, I wish for your sweet sweet death!

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