I will need to watch the movie. I do not think any gov has the computer power to harness the full data stream of the internet. Of course mastodon is a honeypot for those people. But what case can they build against us? For my part, that I try to build software to simulate a better world? That is not a terrorist attack that is independent research.

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I learn more from quotes (even out of context) than from movies. Movies are a diversion, those are useful to keep people with low ethics comfortable, and other contained because FUD. So there as useful to have common grounds to discuss with people not aware of what happens for the real in the cyber space.

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Case in point, I have an idea for a language where the code is content addressed and can take many syntax or use many natural language.

I agree collectively we can come up with better solution because we have a bigger picture.

Tho, we can not live only in the cyberspace. To run the anarchy simulation we need data from the real world, and the opendata resolution was not applied in most contries.

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I remind you that NONE of the recent catastrophic computer related events were predicate by movies, gamergate comes to mind.

What things that the CIA or whatever might be supporting is mass diffusion of hollywood production.

Ransomware no predicated.

This is a divide and conquer strategy to inspire FUD about the computers geeks and hackitivist.

Still I will watch the movie.

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Maybe I pretentious. But real thing is software used in startups is crap.

@stman @xj9 @zig@functional.cafe @theruran if there DGSE and DGSI use the same tool at the startup nation they are several years behind me.

Not all hope it lost. Hope is scattered, littered, mocked and scavanaged. That means it has value. We can outrun the them.

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If Terry A. Davis that created TempleOS has proven, is that it is possible to create somekind of operating system ALONE (based on existing material). Ok, their goal were misguided. But It is not the only clue. Many foss project are the feat of a lone wolf hacker. I need to keep track of their process and methods to be later able to reproduce their work or re-use it.

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Whether we are on social safety net or hidden in an startup tower. One can help maybe not right now but one day. Whether we are a gardener or thinker or coder. I have little hope for managers and marketing but who knows.

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My understand is that we are many (!). The thing is not everybody (like me) is ready or able to be involved on the grounds events (protests et al.). Which do not necessary lead to anything but broken bones and lost eyes and other injuries.

Others claim to be apolitical and many rely on FOSS license, we do not even need to steal their design since according to most laws one can re-use their hack or discoveries

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I would like to stress we are discussion technico-technical question (negative expression) to say tools for hackers. Now the world is big, who want to work on 3d printer for a respirator that is documented, who wants to document all the trade routes for boat shippement and operate their navigation system, who will produce the software to create medecine, who will replace the broken wikipedia broken wikiveristy and broken science? Who can 3d print a silicon factory?

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I can ask @zig@functional.cafe to setup a write freely or etherpad. I do not like much etherpad. Or maybe another software that would allow people to vote or at least express their interest on a particular solution being developm. It would be mainly a hint for the maintainer whether their goal is aligned and support by the rest of the community.

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I repeat we are on the same side, we need to account for everybody point of view, and then reference (when possible) existing efforts (and ask them to join the pack) toward the various goal with want to set of a better world.

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They misuse that data. That data instead of being use to socio-anthropological studies are used for ad marketing :(

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