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En grève jeudi 5 décembre !

Contre le projet de réforme des retraites, mais aussi contre celle de l'assurance chômage.

Tout le monde peut faire grève, l'appel est national, toutes professions confondues #Grève #GrèveGénérale

Let's stop doing open source and start doing community source: a manifesto on why OSS is and the OSD are fundamentally a platform for exploitation of free labor and a competitive pawn for big corporations (because of the free labor and market capture from free products)

Two thoughts about Richard Spencer admitting he's the racist dickhead we all knew he was.


2. Deplatforming works, y'all. Isolating bigots so they are only talking to each other is extremely effective. They simply would not exist if places would take a stand against white supremacy as opposed to taking the cowards way out and couching it as 'political'. Because it isn't.

Surprisingly little known fact: These flying anti-fascist devices can also be ridden as bicycles once jail-broken.

#Bike #Velo #Bici #LandfillCapitalism

Did you know, you can narrow down the suggestions from the firefox address bar using the following characters :

^ to search for matches in your browsing history.
* to search for matches in your bookmarks.
+ to search for matches in pages you’ve tagged.
% to search for matches in your currently open tabs.
# to search for matches in page titles.
$ to search for matches in web addresses (URLs).
? to search for matches in suggestions.

A tous les cadres qui ont adhéré à l'article de @FranckNoir

Pensez à la grève de Décembre. Je sais que c'est bizarre dans le privé, dans ce genre de postes.

Si vous avez jamais fait grève, rassurez vous, ça se passe très bien. Si vous avez peur des RH, expliquez leur de manière (très) succinte que vous ne le faites pas contre votre entreprise.

Vous pouvez faire la différence. Vous serez le meilleur marqueur de la situation. Vous POUVEZ vous passer d'un jour de salaire.

All that to say keep working together to deplatform bigots and their friends. Keep collaborating to make them uncomfortable.

It's working. Their frustration is growing because they can't just move about freely like the once did and they are actually being held accountable for the violence they are enabling.

Nothing pisses off a bigot more than to be treated like one.

Keep pushing. We're setting a whole new paradigm. We got this.

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To end on a high note, here's Richard Spencer explaining how the antifascist movement was successful in pushing the Alt-Right off the streets.

Chile: Protester disables a police camera & falls into the arms of the crowd


"No health insurance for my new baby"

This was sent on our internal mailing list from an US coworker, due to wacky US health insurance. Burn that.

Upcoming Genocide, Roma 

Spreading the word bc don't know what else I can do.

Bulgaria is taking steps that are straight out of the Nazi playbook for "a complete programme for a solution to the Gypsy problem.” (that's a quote from a high level government guy, not random neo-Nazi street thug).


Voici le texte intégral et images de mon intervention de vendredi aux #Utopiales2019 :

(La mise en page serait encore améliorable, mais ça me semble suffisant pour le moment.)

"Le vieux monde se meurt, le nouveau monde tarde à apparaître et dans ce clair-obscur surgissent les monstres"
Antonio Gramsci


Photo hallucinante prise lors de la fin du meeting de la Phalange espagnole à l'Athénée de Madrid la semaine dernière.
Ils chantent " cara al sol" l'hymne fasciste du franquisme en faisant le salut nazi. Non l’Espagne n’a pas réglé son passé.

Multiple centrists have independently told me "capitalism is bad but it's the best we have," when explicitly discussing a hypothetical ideal. Even when describing a thought-experiment utopia, these are people who have worked so hard to accept and embrace their brain worms that they have lapsed into full defense of status quo. The notion of a better world, or, scratch that, even a *different* world has become alien and frightening to them. They cower at even the idea of any changes of any kind.

Bird Site; Might Be NSFW 


Bulgaria is close to passing a [Neo-Nazi] law called “Roma Integration”.

• It limits how many children Roma can have.

• Roma children will be sent to work camps.

• It will legally formalise the Roma Ghettos into violent Pogroms.


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