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Of the 40 recorded miracles, 70% of them were just Jesus walking around giving out free healthcare.

open source software development advice

Can't wait to see the throngs of bigots losing their shit and imploding at this news.

*grabs popcorn*

@lulucybrelu "In a way, the Chernobyl disaster reveals the true extent of our environmental impact on the planet. Harmful as it was, the nuclear accident was far less destructive to the local ecosystem than we were. In driving ourselves away from the area, we have created space for nature to return."

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

re: software union dream, hypothetical striking at facebook 

software union dream 

Instance Block, racism, slurs block 

The length some people are willing to go to, just so they can willingly endanger their kids and everybody else… 😠

If you equate call outs with canceling, just admit that you don't want people to be held accountable for their behavior and you want them to be able to continue their cycle of bad behavior with new, oblivious victims.

Shitty (literally) capitalism 

Officiellement Délégué Syndical pour Solidaires Informatique à Red Hat.

thanks for coming to my talk, “software sucks because you don’t have a union”

Daughter has reached the age of asking "why?" to everything.

"hold on to that cup with both hands"
"i don't want you to drop it"
"It's made of glass, and if you drop a glass thing it can break"
"because glass is brittle"
"because supercooling molten silicon dioxide makes an amorphous solid which is weaker than the crystalline form"
"the crystalline form has a tetrahedral lattice of ionic bonds"
"because one silicon atom can bind with four oxygen"

Selon les informations de Mediapart la police recourt à des drones pour surveiller des étrangers placés en rétention, au moins dans un établissement à #Rennes.

Les Centre de rétention administrative (CRA) sont des ignominies, Centre d'internement sans justificatif ni justice, immondisme extrémiste de ce qu'il y a de pire dans les sociétés humaines.

Et comme il y a tellement d'impunité pour les tortionnaires, ils ajoutent des drones à cela.

There is a new optional feature in the master branch called authorized-fetch mode, which requires all fetches of ActivityPub resources to be signed, which in turn allows to reject fetches from domain-blocked servers.

Enabling this right now is not a great idea because current Mastodon versions don't sign all requests, so some functions would be impacted, a slow roll-out is advised #mastodev

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