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"Finland is the only EU country where homelessness is falling. Its secret? Giving people homes as soon as they need them – unconditionally"

Who would have guessed

Openly licensed code without a matching economic system to sustain is just commodification.

re: People being obtuse online 

Materials to help deter white supremacy 

Wether you're gay, straight, bi or somewhere we don't have label for yet, you really should read about the Stonewall Riots.

Get out there and have fucking fun, but remember where you are now was paid for in blood.

Respect that history. The whole history.

fedilab's come out and blocked gab and predictably the SS wannabes are crawling out from their shitholes to say "if you're blocking this, when are you blocking that?" or "Waaaah, what gives you the right to censorship?"

Nazis thrive on you doing nothing to stop them.

They thrive on hand wringing and whatbaout-ism.

Here's my simple advice: If you come across a nazi cunt, kick their teeth in.

Berkeley burrito-delivery bot purported to be using 'advanced neural network' is actually remotely piloted by Colombians, who are paid $2 per hour.

Welcome to capitalism, where tech startups fake 'genius' AI using hidden POC sweatshop labor in a 'black box' to rake in profits.

"AI, games, Amazon, it's all made with magic! In our magic black box!"
"What's in it?"
"Nevermind, just eat your kale salad and let's do yoga!"
*Open box, find a sweatshop*

Nikolaj Jesper Cyon did an amazing map of Alkebu-Lan in 1844, that is precolonial Africa:

An amazing mind bubling image that should circulate everywhere to change what we know of 19th century

Just read toot!'s announcement about blocking gab and I fully support it.

What I don't like is the massed amount soap box suzies whining and complaining that what he's doing is "censorship".
Or "If you block this, how long till you block [utterly unrelated thing]?

Fuck you and fuck nazi's. Block their method of communication, give them no safe space, no where to relax, no allies.

Let them live in perpetual fear that they will be found.

Fuck nazi apologists.


Strikes and protests are inconvenient and loud and costly and a bit of an imposition on the rest of us

This is on purpose

It's *supposed* to be this way

If you are inconvenienced, it's working

Support the workers anyway

libbzip2 lets the caller define its own allocator. Fuck.

> my preferred operating system is that sense of lightness and liberation that comes after dropping your computer into a trash compactor

> use linux
> or don’t
> software is bad

Nazi Billionaires Fuck Off

Chrome users: your free trial is over. You're required to buy an enterprise license if you want to use an ad blocker.

Stop using Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is moving to remove autonomy from Web users. Excuse me while I purge it from my machines. Please remember - it’s a “open source” “project” (commerically provided product) whose goal is to not to “affect our [Google’s] ability to customize ads and/or could block ads online, which would harm our business” (from their SEC 10-K filing).

Google Chrome is not built for people; it’s built for Google, by Google. You are their bank.

#purism / #libremone got their market completely wrong. The nazi right wing has the government, twitter/facebook, media on their side- they don’t need new hardware or platforms to protect/amplify their hate speech. It’s everyone else (literally the *actual majority) who would be willing to buy some privacy/protection from these assholes

Y'all, after doing some Rust projects I actually miss static typing in JS and PHP now. Had to fix a production couple bugs yesterday that would've been prevented at compile time...

I may have to learn TypeScript. :D

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