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"This was a Sunday comic from over 30 years ago. We've had plenty of time to do better."


After yesterday's UN biodiversity report I can't help but be reminded of this eternally on-point comic


“If you see something illegal, report it to the relevant authorities. They are best equipped to handle illegal content.”

Seriously, have you ever talked to a trans person about how their interactions with the “relevant authorities” usually go?

In some places in the world, governments have explicit laws in place to target gay and queer folks. Do you believe that makes it fair for their resident to experience homophobic hate speech?

I'd like to assume you are better than that.

I strongly suggest you consult experienced folks with how Code of Conducts works and how you make them effective. “How to respond to code of conduct reports” is a book available under CC BY-SA, for a starter.

You are basically doing the opposite of what people with experience recommend. You should not take ten years to relearn everything people have learned. We don't have ten extra years, the situation is bad enough already.

@danielst @lunduke

TL;DR: "Voting with your wallet" in capitalism doesn't work because those with a bigger wallet get more votes.

And policing the consumption behavior of others is just shouting to people how they should ineffectually vote with their wallets.

A little more: Some peoples' wallets are so restricted that their capitalist "ballots" are also restricted, consumption-wise. Please bear this in mind.

If you want to affect *real* change for the better in this corrupt world, go after the system. Hold corporations accountable for the consumer goods they create, how they do it, and support plans to downsize them and democratize and unionize their workplaces.

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Shout out to @brainblasted for shedding light on Purism's nefarious intentions with a critical eye and a ton of honesty.

That's quality work.

Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers 

Purism has decided that they will explicitly allow bigoted content on their servers. For that reason I will not lift my ban on them, and I recommend that servers that have not blocked them yet do. I cannot in good conscious support their products if they will allow the spread of content that harms minorities.

Below is the conversation I had in their public Librem One room after they published their CoC.
Screenshot from 2019-05-07 16-3…
Screenshot from 2019-05-07 16-3…

A community member wants to start working on a native desktop client for #Funkwhale, but is looking for someone with UX/UI #Design skills to ensure the client is usable and well-designed.

If you want to see this happen and are willing to get involved, please get in touch!

“AirPods were destined to become e-waste from the moment they were manufactured. And AirPods become e-waste after just eighteen months, when the irreplaceable lithium ion battery dies.”


I think we should bring back zeppelins to replace aeroplanes. Hear me out...

• Uses hydrogen for lift, which can easily be produced by electrolysing water using photovoltaic energy

• Can be driven by electric motors, which are much more efficient than any combustion engine

• Lots of area for thin film solar panels to power them

• Can be designed in ways to prevent potential Hindenburg-like incidents

• Air travel without huge CO2 emissions

• Quieter and less hazardous to birds

shop talk, hot take 

people arent using electron because of some kind of personal moral failing on their part, theyre using it because it lets them do UI programming in a system they already understand and also because of the miserable failure of other UI systems to make cross platform UI programming not a complete pain in the ass

Pourquoi je ne collabore pas avec Kenneth Reitz, un article qui parle d'open source, de manipulation de gouvernance et d'ego.

Je suis halluciné... À lire si vous vous intéressez au #python et à son écosystème.

Finally finished gathering all the Cangjie data from Windows! 😬

That took way too long…

Capitalism loves to be like "just be your own boss!" but what they actually mean is "be a freelancer with no employment rights and no health insurance"

“Dystopias Now” by Kim Stanley Robinson

“These days I tend to think of dystopias as being fashionable, perhaps lazy, maybe even complacent, […]. A kind of late-capitalist, advanced-nation schadenfreude about those unfortunate fictional citizens whose lives have been trashed by our own political inaction. If this is right, dystopia is part of our all-encompassing hopelessness.”

Looking for technical help online sounds like this:

“Folks, my shower drain is clogged up, how do I unclog it?”

“Why don’t you move to a house with a bathtub?”
“Try not to clog it up in the first place, duh”
“Why would you even need to take your showers at home?”
“Just take out the things that are clogging the drain, how difficult is that”
“If you can’t maintain a shower stall in good conditions, why do you even clean yourself?”

stallman voice: the fifth freedom is the freedom to have your unpaid labor exploited for profit

First day on the new job after a year unemployed. 😬

Doin my part. Come show your support! Create an account and thumbs-up my merge request! Feel free to leave comments, also.

@moritzheiber @brainblasted @charlag @david @purism @todd extremely worrying that purism seems to believe federated community blocklists are a solution to not being able to report abusive behavior... have they not seen how disastrous blocklists ended up being on twitter? blocklists are a failure state. they indicate that no proper channels exist for handling abuse.

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