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It may be April 1 in the US, but this one is serious. elementary OS + Flatpak: Preparing for the future. Get the details:

La loi #Blanquer fait partie de ces textes dont le but est de creuser les inégalités et détruire le service public en s'attaquant à l'école.
Dans l'école de mes enfants, toute l'équipe pédagogique me dit que c'est une loi très grave et je leur fais confiance.
Emma, qui sait expliquer des choses complexes avec pertinence, en a fait une BD sous licence libre :
Je vous remercie de la lire et de la diffuser.

It's good to finally be back home after this cursed trip. 😱

seriously, this only helps harassers, no one else, and it is entirely at the expense of those who are getting harassed.

This sort of thing is why I keep arguing that mastodon shouldn't get credit for being 'anti-harassment', the lead dev is actively working against it.

And yes, it is specifically @Gargron, the pull request for this was by him.

It is like watching a race to the bottom in terms of being terrible about anti-harassment features.

This comment pretty much sums up why Masto is clearly going in the same direction as FB, Birdland and the like. Poor, myopic leadership obsessed with maintaining social media norms that harm people.

Gargron simply refuses to see anything outside of his narrow perspective, framing an issue of safety as 'assuming everyone is an asshole'.

It is this kind of white male intransigence to reason that makes the web unsafe for anyone but them.

MastoDev, harassment bullshit 

The Political Compass model is based on a right wing premise: that authoritarianism and libertarianism are opposed, that what it calls the "Economic-Right" can sometimes oppose authoritarianism.

The most extreme advocates of right-wing libertarianism are in fact just advocates for authoritarianism of a slightly different kind.

To classify one's own beliefs according to the Political Compass is to classify oneself according to a right-wing model of politics.

Je trouve que cette timeline manque singulièrement d'auteure de science-fiction féministe et anti-capitaliste…


#VulpineClub moderation update: we no longer federate with or The former’s CoC bans “homosexual conduct (figuratively and literally),” i.e. about 80% of all v.c activity. The latter’s admin is mass-following people without regard to #nobot, and our CoC does state that “Follow bots will be blocked on sight.”

:trans_heart:​, @mxsparks (cc: @tastymochafox )

That feeling when you realize you put a used diaper in the washing machine… 😫

Hi @Purism !

I need to buy a new laptop real soon now, and I'd love it to be a Librem.

Any plans to have a French keyboard available for it?

It's pretty much the only thing preventing me from buying it right now, I love everything else about the Librem 13. 🙂

Tether regularly? On a data capped connection? Take the GNOME Metered Data Survey #linux #opensource

J'aime bien les médecins qui accusent les résaux sociaux dans la propagande antivaccins en parlant de fake news et valeur scientifique, mais le nombre de médecins pro homéopathie on va pas en parler

Nouveau slogan :

« Mieux vaut du punk féministe que du funk pessimiste. »

Est-ce qu'il faut en faire des t-shirts ? :)

Now, I'm fine. I was cured before receiving the call and learning about the diagnostic. The fact I was vaccinated is probably the reason I got it easy.

But I have a 6 m.o baby who is too young to get the vaccine, and because a few dickheads decided to hate vaccines, he's now in danger as I might have passed it to him.

Next couple of weeks will be touch, we need to monitor him closely and at the first sign of a fever or rash: ➡ hospital.

I can't stress this enough: fuck you antivaxers.

The public health department told us that in all 2018, there were 15 documented cases of measles in Hong Kong.

As of today, we're at 14 documented cases of measles in 2019.

This is going to be a great year. 😡

The Hong Kong public health authority was quick. 🙂

Vaccinate your kids, and yourself if you haven't been. (e.g if your parents are dangerous idiots)

Pay attention to your symptoms if you have been in the places mentioned in the article.

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