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libertarianism is for guys who love to feel smart but really hate to think about things

After I had a couple of bad experiences recently, I wrote a blog post about fitting mic to people without making them uncomfortable:

Les annonceurs : « ouin ouin, avec le rgpd on doit arrêter de piller les données des utilisateurs. La vie est vraiment trop dur »

Rappels sur le féminisme dans le sport :
— Des compétitions de tennis IMPOSENT le port de la jupe -> libre choix des organisateurs, pas de problème
— L'athlétisme impose à Caster Semenya un traitement pour faire descendre son traitement de testostérone -> équité, pas de problème

Hey, y'all-- Facebook recently announced they're launching a "Patreon killer" service.

Regardless of your thoughts on Patreon, FB's alternative is TERRIBLE!

⚠️ 30% gross revenue fee
⚠️ Automatic LIFETIME IP rights to ANYTHING you put on the service
even if you quit!
⚠️ FB wants to give discounts and freebies whenever they like, w/o creator approval, and then deduct it from creator revenue
⚠️ FB will also control WHO sees your content and how many views you have

We need Akira on Linux. Not only because it's great concept, but because it'll also attract designer to the platform.

I just love the argument that we can't do the right thing in a free software project because doing it wouldn't be fun and nobody would want to join us. 🙄

@aral Have you heard of "free as in helicopter"?

Someone gives you a free helicopter. Awesome, right? But if you don't know how to fly a helicopter it's useles to you.

I’ve always known seating, tables, phones and lecterns weren’t built for me, but didn’t realise my car isn’t designed for me to drive and, because of that, could easily kill me.

(via @aral)

Q : Combien faut de prescriptivistes pour changer une ampoule ?
R : On dit « combien faut-il » ou « combien est-ce qu'il faut », ce n'est pas si compliqué, après ça prétend faire des blagues alors que ça me maîtrise même pas les règles de base de la phrase interrogative…

okay first day (night?) at amazon and i shit you not i was given monopoly money with jeff bezos' face on it as a reward for staying a bit late

There is only 10 days left to back Akira, a new design software for Linux.

Please, if you have any spare money, look at the project, it is really interesting. And feel free to boost!

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I wrote a blog post about what I see as the unethical practice of calling people "users" and how we can do better.

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