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Instrumenting the Windows input method system, to improve on Linux.

One thing the glitch FE does really well is that it doesn't jump when you're trying to interact with post while scrolled in the timeline. Seriously, why does Mastodon upstream still have this awful behavior?

Hot take: post-apocalyptic fiction is so popular because people desperately want to live lives that aren't yoked by capitalism, but are unable to even conceive of such a thing happening without the world ending first

Le droit de grève en 11 questions

Tout salarié peut s’associer à un mouvement de #grève, même si aucune revendication particulière à l’entreprise n’a été formulée et même si le salarié est seul à suivre ce mot d’ordre dans l’entreprise.

Racism, cosmetics 

Racism, cosmetics, Hong Kong 

Phone is 5cm away from laptop. I've been trying to transfer a picture from the former to the latter for more than an hour, without any success.

Sometimes I hate computer hardware, software and networking, as well as the people who make them. 😡

instance block recommendation 

FOSDEM, train travel 

Possible troll/rightwing/maga accounts 

men about conferences with all-male lineup: meritocracy at work, well done, such quality speakers.

men about conferences with all-female lineup: oh this is discrimination, this is an awful move, my privilege suffers, my dick is crushed, I want my mummy, whah whah whah

Pôle Emploi qui me propose une « Formation Digital », dans le cadre d'une « Préparation Opérationnelle à l'Emploi Collective (POEC) JAVA » afin d'exercer « le métier de développeur .net ».

Développeur .NET qui code en Java avec ses doigts, donc. :awesome_rotate:

What happens when you block all of Google's IP addresses from your life? Many fascinating things break, because Google is an octopus.

You can't be transracial. Race is inherited by your parents, it is forced onto you by the outside world. You can't "identify" with another race because it's external bullshit.

It is NOT like being transgender because you don't inherit your gender from your parents. No one says, "Because your mom is a woman, you are woman." Nah.

Don't devalue trans people and people of color with this.

The core problems distros are failing to grasp is that you can't make platform decisions if you're using someone else's platform

Anyone already running their own Matrix server for a small group of users (like, under 10) I'd love to hear about how you've done it.

Boosts welcome.

#matrix #riot

On se moque des états-unis et de leur incapacité à prendre des décisions sur les armes à feu à cause de la NRA mais la France et le vin c'est pareil hein

Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

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