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Paolo Borelli just ported the last fields in RsvgHandlePrivate to Rust.

The library has no useful C fields in its structs now. Everything is done on the Rust side.

The C code is now just a few high-level functions, most of them the public API, which call into Rust immediately.

y'ever think about how so many web devs' heads ended up so far up their own asses that firefox had to make a dedicated "just discard all the styling so you can actually read it" button

Just got a « Backup completed » notification on my desktop.

Loving the fact that automatically backed up all my data to my storage, without my having to do anything at all. 😍

Want to take a good resolution for 2019? How about you stop stealing from illustrators and creators only and start crediting them when you use their work on your site/social networks? :)

alright lasses, no fucking around, this year we end capitalism

Louis C.K. 

Sur Common Voice, je n'entend que des voix d'hommes adultes. Horrible. Du coup, je me suis mise à enregistrer des phrases avec ma voix de femme, pour éduquer la machine à s'adapter aussi à des fréquences plus aigues. Venez en enregistrer aussi ?

Honestly, like 90% of "should we treat robots like people?" sci-fi narratives are almost inexcusably lazy, because they're willfully ignoring the much more uncomfortable reality.

How can we be willing to acknowledge whether or not robots should be treated like people, without acknowledging the reality that people are already being treated like robots.

If you use Linux and a GNOME desktop, and have bucks to spare, don't forget the GNOME foundation accepts money donations as well as code. :) This helps fund development, which is good!

I finally got off my butt and set up a recurring donation.

I just learned that "robotnik" was a polish word meaning "worker". It was also the name of an underground socialist newspaper, among the first to oppose anti-semitism in Poland, that disappeared in 1939.

Which means that Sonic the hedgehog is actually a fascist. #gameing

just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

I finally watched #SorryToBotherYou and it should be mandatory watching for liberals; it explains really well and clearly how capitalism works as well as classism and racism and colonialism, and what you can start doing to fight that

Anti-pattern: tolerating bad behvior from people who make important contributions to a project.

It has a tendency to drive away other contributors,, even before their first contribution. Or long-time contributors.

If you let such a situation happen, it can be quite painful to fix it.

I'm partly to blame for Debian being in this situation. I joined Debian as a deveoper in 1996, and have only in recent years realised that we let it become a toxic environment.

Community Standards reminder 

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