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So much happening, let's add even more confusion and post a video without context. Any guesses for what it is? :)

J.K. Rowling, long post, read and show it to your cis friensd, boosts welcome 

I'm gonna need cis people to understand that J.K. Rowling is not a neutral/good/apolitical person with a bad habit. She is an evil, actively harmful agitator who has been a, if not the, central figure of laundering and libwashing a ultra-far-right hate and terrorist movement, whose hatespeech has encouraged very real, very deadly violence, who has served as inspiration and justification to fascists world-wide, both Putin and the Republicans, who has an immense wealth which she most likely uses to fund said hate movement as well, who has been a vocal supporter of openly fascist and anti-semitic ideologues (such as Magdalen "Soros funds the transes" Berns), who has lent massive amounts of publicity and credibility to far-right figures and those who openly collaborate with the far-right, and who has been quoted verbatim by fascist Republicans in their campaigns for deadly anti-trans bills.

She not your nice aunt who's a little weird. To put it in terms HP fans understand, she's not Molly Weasley, she's Bellatrix Lestrange. She is a key figure of the anti-trans movement that has acted as a vanguard for the fascist resurgence. She has been directly co-responsible for spawning the conspiracy theories you now see on Tucker Carlson and Libs of TikTok. She has spear-headed the campaign that has sabotaged the GRA reform. She has praised far-right ideologues such as self-described theocratic fascist Matt Walsh.

She is a fascist enabler. Treat her as such. Treat her like Orson Scott Card or Varg Vikernes. Don't buy her shit. She's got riches to last her several lifetime, and spare change to fund a dozen fascist movements without ever running out.

everyone's needs are different. whether something is accessible is relative to those needs. so there is no perfect form of accessibility that can be attained for every person with every set of needs.

"is this accessible?" is not a yes/no question. it's not even a question that makes sense.

"is this accessible to me or people with similar accessibility needs?" does make sense, but even then answer is going to be mostly, kinda, somewhat, not really, etc. accessibility is not binary.

@fanny parce que c'est principalement les femmes qui croisent les jambes (préjugé sexiste à la con) et que tout le monde s'en fout de ce qui "n'arrive qu'aux femmes" 🤬

subtoot, phones 

Not everybody can handle phone calls. They can be deaf, mute, non-verbal, anxious, etc. These are all valid reasons to avoid phonecalls.

If you're a company or a public service, you need more than one method to contact you. It should be just as natural as making your building wheelchair accessible. (And if you didn't do that one either, go be ashamed.)

Le Monde a retiré de son site une tribune de Max Morin sur le voyage du président Micron en Algérie. Non seulement la tribune a été retirée mais Le Monde a en plus présenté « ses excuses à ses lectrices et lecteurs ainsi qu’au président de la République ».

Qu’un journal retire un article ou le modifie pour y ajouter un erratum, c’est courant. Qu’il retire un tribune validée par la rédaction, une erreur en interne, un problème de communication, c’est la fin de l’été Michel était pas rentré il a pas pu valider, ça peut à la limite arriver. Mais qu’un journal présente ses excuses à « ses lectrices et lecteurs ainsi qu’au président de la République », on croit rêver.

Depuis quand faut-il créer une catégorie spéciale pour le président de la République ? Depuis quand celui-ci est-il devenu autre chose qu’un simple lecteur ou qu’une simple lectrice ? Depuis quand faut-il s’excuser auprès de lui quand une tribune égratigne un discours de politique étrangère ? Depuis quand un journal présente-t-il ses excuses au président de la République ?

Le Monde est tombé sur la tête.

#LeMonde #Tribune #journalisme #Politique #Influence

Are you a windows user and programmer and are interested in helping with #inkscape ? I'm looking for someone to help with a small windows development task which has become stuck without a windows dev.

@jjardon @tbernard @lioh @alatiera so how do I install it on my phone to try it out ? Will it require a Windows VM to run some stuff on it or will it all work from my Fedora laptop ?

Playing with Jonas' latest WIP mobile shell branch. It's honestly more fluid than my Android phone with Lineage, super impressive given the much weaker hardware ✨️

fascists: trans people want to indoctrinate our children!!!

liberal allies or whoever: no!! that's not true!!

me, local trans person: I hate the both of you and also I would very much like to do that, actually. hey kids, see that cop? his name is officer piggy

Alright. I need some help finding some #FOSS. I've got this #garden see? And I keep planting things and they're doing their thing and I'm eating them like the heartless beast I am... but I feel like I could be a much more efficient heartless beast. I would like to do better planning and tracking of dates planted, quantities harvested, etc.

Does anyone know of a tool that would allow me to
1. Work locally without anyone tracking me to figure out what they can try selling me.
2. Use a GUI to build a garden layout
3. Track planting and harvest details on this graphic layout.

Boosts and addition of forgotten tags are absolutely encouraged, and also I hope you're having an awesome day 😊

@brainblasted found it!

The account I was looking for is @MicroSFF, you can try and write short stories like that if you want, might be easier and quicker than directly writing a book or a screenplay :-)

@brainblasted then put your fingers to a keyboard ? Maybe start small with you can find lots of accounts/hashtags here on the fediverse where people post their short stories :-)

RT @ultimanet_
Salut salut,
J'ai fais ça ⤵️ petite traduction d'une affiche que j'ai trouvé sur insta via le compte @/vapourwave.cage (2ème image), n'hésitez pas à la collectiviser !

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