@kmicu @masoud And what app, in which version?

Those questions actually matter, because if you have an old version of Nautilus on Ubuntu for example, you'll encounter bugs that have been fixed upstream and GNOME can't do anything to get them fixed in Ubuntu.

Whereas if you have an issue in the latest version from Flathub, then it's indeed an upstream problem you're encountering.

So if you're actually looking to engage and improve things, please be more specific.

@ButterflyOfFire y a des fois des trucs techniques pointus qu'il vaut mieux ne pas traduire imho. Dans les cours de réseau, on parlait de "forward", pas de "transit".

Perso j'utilise les logiciels en anglais à cause de ça : il y a des traductions que je ne comprends pas du tout, alors que ce sont des sujets que je maîtrise techniquement, tout simplement parce que ces termes n'existent pas vraiment en français dans ces contextes. 🙁

@taziden ah non, tiens, j'avais complètement oublié. 😅

Christmas through the harsh lens of reality:

FOSS/FLOSS cannot truly exist without UBI or another avenue to fulfill basic needs. Otherwise it will forever be something made by the privileged for the privileged.

@matthieuaubry @aral @strypey @Matomo

> maybe you don't realise […] how much an open source alternative was needed.

What we need is for this whole industry to disappear entirely, not an open source alternative.

@ButterflyOfFire bah, Lyon sous les lacrymos c'est moins sympa que ton lever de soleil là. 😛

I hate all the horseshit that's in every YouTube video now.

I'm sure there's some statistic somewhere that says it's Good To Do, but "don't forget to like and subscribe and be sure to punch the nose off that bell icon" doesn't need to be half the damn video.

It doesn't even need to be IN the video!

@ButterflyOfFire pourquoi je suis allé chercher où c'était ? Pourquoi j'ai regardé les photos ?


C'est joli chez toi dis donc.

@alatiera @brainblasted because of the crate deps? (I assume they are only vendored in the releases?)

In any case, that's unrelated to whether it's in /GNOME or /World

@brainblasted make sure you only build one thing at a time (i.e -j1) and don't build debuginfos (i.e no -g).

That should let you build it with less memory. (At the cost of a longer build, and a poorer debugging experience)

I tolerate a lot of things but one thing I don't tolerate is white nationalism sorry lads

@Elizafox thanks, I knew about (((this))) but not cuck.

(For those who, like me, didn't know this is a white supremacist insult, this was a good explanation: gq.com/story/why-angry-white-m )

Added to the list of how to recognize them. Will report+block on sight.

if you just use linux to feel smarter than other people throw your fucking computer out the window

@brainblasted honestly, if anyone had asked, I'd have added Fractal to gnomes-apps-nightly even if it was in World…

@bcj That's a very interesting question.

I suppose the answer could vary a lot between languages, e.g alphabet-based languages which have all their symbols on the keyboard vs languages like Chinese which require complex input methods. 🤔

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