@hguemar je suis pas sûr que le clientélisme "revienne" pour Kimelfeld, il en fait déjà pas mal.

Ce la façon dont d'un côté il essayait de casser la grève des camarades de Pizzorno, tout en s'affichant en médiateur/sauveur de l'autre. 😠

Taking stances is a slippery slope to taking more stances

@oct2pus @clarjon1 @brainblasted yeah, the pro thinkpad (I've had T420s, T440s and T450s so far) are generally very good, easy to repair, and last for years longer than everything consumer-grade.

@brainblasted I've had an XPS 15 in hand once (the one from the GNOME event box) and I wasn't impressed.

Keyboard is super "thin" (not sure the right word in English, I mean the keys don't press deeply) to the point it's fairly unpleasant to type on it.

And the whole thing bends easily with your bare hands, making you feel constantly it might break if you sneeze on it too hard. 😕

Nice, seems I just boosted a few things by mistake while sneezing. 😒

Fedilab, Nazi enabling 

re: Fedilab, Nazi enabling 

Fascists should live in fear and isolation for as long as they are fascists

Domestic violence 

Avant de vouloir résister à la NSA et la DGSI, ce serait bien si ton super logiciel trop sécurisé pouvait protéger d'un conjoint violent avec quelques notions d'informatique…


i minored in media studies and it honestly feels like the core classes should just be a requirement. media literacy is so fucking important but it's treated like an afterthought. the way we interpret media and how we can sift through it should be as important as math or english at this point, imo.


Woooo, I'm so glad I'm not a parent because I WOULD BURN THIS SCHOOL TO THE FUCKING GROUND.


@Are0h my kid is too young to go to school, but I'm already starting to stock up on gas for the flamethrower. 😡

@federicomena I usually feel like something must be wrong, and proceed to waste a couple hours until I finally accept that it was actually right the whole time. /o\

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