Shout out to Neil for this: blog.halon.org.uk/2019/09/gnom

Very proud to be a @gnome Foundation member right now.

Great blog post by Chris on tolerance and what can seem like (but really isn't) a paradox:


While we can certainly do better (and there is work underway), this kind of things is why is, overall, one of the most welcoming FOSS communities to be a part of.

Just got a « Backup completed » notification on my desktop.

Loving the fact that automatically backed up all my data to my storage, without my having to do anything at all. 😍

I really wish we had a fully integrated backup solution in . 😫

Frequency set in Settings, integration with Online Accounts so it pushes the backups to my NextCloud account, …

In the meantime, I guess Deja Dup will have to do. 🙁

nightly apps and SDK are now building again on Aarch64.

I'd thank @jjardon for the help, but it's more like I helped them. 😛

@Toniob from @6clones was also instrumental in finding one of the issues. Thank you!

FFS ...

Libcangjie, pycangjie and ibus-cangjie were removed from Testing, so users in won't be able to input text in their mother tongue on Buster.

Because apparently, the ability to write is less critical than a bad email address. 😒

Pour célébrer la sortie de 3.28, on (un groupe d'utilisateurs et de contributeurs du coin) va aller boire un coup au Loops à mardi soir, à partir de 18h30.

Si vous êtes vers et que GNOME vous intéresse, venez !

One more app available as :


Only builds from master for now, hopefully we can push the next release to . 😀

TIL OS X is too complex for me.

I tried backing up an iphone to an external hard drive because the Mac internal disk is full, apparently you can't do that.

So I tried moving some stuff from thz internal disk to the external one, but for some reason I couldn't just create a new folder on the external disk.

I gave up after 20 minutes, without having actually achieved anything.

I'll keep using , thank you very much, at least I understand how to do things with it.

Amazing email from Rob McQueen on instant messaging, supporting multiple protocols and session daemons to integrate communication into the OS.


So much knowledge learned the hard way from 10 years of working on Telepathy, in a single email.

L'astuce du jour :

$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface show-battery-percentage true

Allan on why is such an inspirational and important project:


I love GNOME for all those reasons.

Once more an amazing .

Lots of interesting conversations with so many great people doing fantastic work.

is such a big thing these days, there even were quite a few things relevant to our work on for . 😄

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