deduplication and delta updates are amazing.

Sure, apps are a bit big as they bundle their libraries…

But then I just updated Totem, a 8.5MB app, and the total download for the update was… 1.0KB. 🤩

On and sensationalist "news":

Personally, that flatkill thing gave me the impression someone had just looked at our TODO list and presented things we know of and are actively working on like they are glaring security issues. 🙄

My ABI checker has just been merged into the Freedesktop SDK.

We can finally be confident that we won't break apps when we update the runtime, which was one of the promises of Flatpak. 🙂

> I created flatpak because the Linux application desktop ecosystem is fundamentally broken. As a app developer you have no sane way to distribute the result of your work to users.

Alex Larsson on .

Thanks to Jérôme Parmentier, Musicbrainz Picard is now up to date in Flathub!

Picard 2.0 was released 3 weeks ago, but somehow I only managed to get to it today. 😞

One more app available as :

Only builds from master for now, hopefully we can push the next release to . 😀

On Linux distributions, and why we need to move to a different way of distributing our software to our users by @ebassi

We desperately need something like to take over.

I hinted about it here in the past, but here's the complete set of instructions (all 3 of them) needed to build apps on different architectures with :

The Flatpak tooling is just plain amazing. 😍

I want a pytest plugin which runs the tests in an environment without network access.

Maybe in a Linux user namespace with unshared network? (like what bubblewrap does for )

This would be so much better than periodically running the tests with the Wi-Fi off... 😒

Trying to figure out why the Arch64 build of Blender failed in Flathub.

Doing that on my x86_64 laptop merely requires installing the Aarch64 platform/sdk and then building with `flatpak-builder --arch=aarch64 ...`.

Building for multiple arches could not be easier.

I just pushed MuzicBrainz Picard to Flathub, so it's now available as .

Install on any Linux distribution with `flatpak install --user --from

Currently talking with upstream about having it hosted there.


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