Anybody knows of a good fediverse instance to open an account for our IT workers union?

Most posts would be in French as we're in France, but we're internationalists so some posts would be in other languages. (probably English)

@frickhaditcoming I'm sure there already are some you can join.

We (Solidaires Informatique) are federating with Game Workers Unite already, I'm sure we'd do the same with other international union federations in the rest of the tech industry. 🙂

(Provided values, methods and organization principles are compatible, of course)

@mathieu host your own ? Pleroma is really lightweight and would fit on a 3eur/month vps.

@mathieu SPOILER: Globenet va bientôt expérimenter sa propre instance peertube, pour elle et ses hébergées évidemment

@mathieu C'est dans le dernier CR. Ya un atelier installation et prise en main prévu en janvier. Je dois l'annoncer aux hébergé-es, vient qui veut.

@whilelm à Paris ? On a le congrès national en janvier à Paris, y a peut-être moyen de faire d'une pierre deux coups :awesome_rotate:

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