So Pop!_OS 19.04 drops icons for third-party applications and suddenly my experience is an inconsistent mess of crappy icons. They had the right idea earlier. The #1 problem with desktop Linux today isn’t missing features or performance or anything like that, it’s consistency.

I have no insider knowledge but I have a feeling (from the last two releases), that someone at System76 is overruling their designers who brought out the first version and they should really stop doing that. Or maybe I’m wrong and the consistency and approach of the first release was a fluke (these things rarely are). I wonder if the person leading that left or something. Again, just extrapolating from symptoms. There’s been a loss of consistency in the last two releases (18.10 and 19.04).

@aral some application developers complained that system76 was overriding their app identity by changing the icon. And those are apps with good icons (e.g GNOME apps).

System76 did the right thing and listened to the community instead of biting the hand that feeds them.


@aral At GNOME we're trying something different: instead of replacing app icons, we came up with very simple icon guidelines, and try to encourage 3rd party app authors to follow them.

Hopefully in the long run that helps improve icon consistency without alienating 3rd party developers.

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