Your weekly reminder that Linux is just a fucking kernel and what you call "Linux Desktop" never existed...

You can't define whole platforms and ecosystems and operating systems just by the kernel they are using.

Same reason why it doesn't matter a bit if android, really pixelos, is running on top of the linux kernel.

This is prompted by an article about "The linux desktop is in trouble" that echo chambers Torvald's fragmentation comments, cause of course w/e Linus says is unquestionable truth, despite half the time being ignorant comments with no-base in reality outside of his domain and expertise.

Anyhow, the article ended up calling for "standardised desktop catered to everyone" like that doesn't exists already.

The author is completely ignorant about what makes an OS and a platform.

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@alatiera why do people even ask him about the "Linux desktop" instead of the people actually building the ecosystems they're referring to?

@brainblasted because asking Linus *literally anything* is a 100% sure way to get a great clickbait title by quoting him.

Outside of his area of expertise, he's a pundit with strong opinions who swears a lot. That's excellent "press".


@mathieu @brainblasted I'd add to that also, that "nobody" really cares about the hundreds that build GNOME and KDE and that not many people have a narcissistic level that rival's Linus's

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