Hi @Purism !

I need to buy a new laptop real soon now, and I'd love it to be a Librem.

Any plans to have a French keyboard available for it?

It's pretty much the only thing preventing me from buying it right now, I love everything else about the Librem 13. 🙂

@Purism I guess nobody is monitoring this account and it's just a bot to publish news about the company then. 😞

@mathieu not really, we're catching up... Anything we can do to help (and sorry if you didn't get a reply before).

@Purism well, I'm still interested in whether or not you provide a French AZERTY keyboard for the Librem 13 as I didn't find that option.

Although it will be for next time because in the meantime I bought a laptop from another company.

@mathieu we don't happen to have French AZERTY keyboards available now, no. Maybe in the future we will - do keep looking. And once again, sorry for the delay.

@Purism oh, and keep up the good work with the laptops and phones. 🙂

And do try to think about i18n and provide more keyboard layouts. 😜

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