@aral the irony of the article being on a website that itself doesn't seem to allow opting out of their surveillance… 🤪

@mathieu There are a literal handful (if that) of news/publishing sites that are not surveillance capitalists. We replaced the free press with the behavioural advertising industry a decade ago.



@aral to be clear, that wasn't a stab against you linking to such a site. We can only do with the cards we have in hand.

It was more about them, reporting big news about how a terrible model is (finally!) being attacked, while they do the exact same thing.

I mean, do they even read the articles they publish? 🙂

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@mathieu Oh, I know :) And the hypocrisy is overwhelming and I do call it out whenever I get the chance. (e.g., from yesterday: twitter.com/aral/status/106781)

If anything, my point was to draw attention to the fact that this is ubiquitous. It’s not just that site, or a handful of sites, or thousands of sites – it’s basically every news/publishing site.

If you want a laugh (cry?) see my section in this article:


(I only agreed to be part of it to make that point.) :)

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