Right, I managed to isolate the Paris bug. Going to see where is best to file a bug report for this. It seems to be at the Ubuntu level (assuming the Settings app is Ubuntu-specific and not Debian). Will also write up a post to explain it. (Hint: like most usability issues, it’s a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.)

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I know you're expert on Debian @OdyX, but do you have a clue maybe?

@skynebula @OdyX (The Automatic Date & Time and Automatic Time Zone settings in the Settings app are currently independent of the Location Services setting in the Privacy section. When the latter is off, the former do not work but they allow themselves to be enabled and do not present any sort of warning etc., that they will not work. The correct behaviour is: if the latter is disabled, the former cannot be enabled.)

@aral @skynebula @OdyX Pretty sure that's an upstream GNOME bug.

At least I've had it with GNOME 3.26 on Fedora, not sure it's been fixed since then in 3.30.


@aral @skynebula @OdyX it's a known issue in the sense that devs know about it.

We talked about it at GUADEC 2017 in Manchester, when several of us were impacted.

Idon't know if a bug report has been opened for this.

And again, it might have been fixed upstream in GNOME, I really don't know.

So the first thing to do would be to try and reproduce it on GNOME 3.30. (which isn't very easy, given you have to be changing timezones, or somehow fool the autodetection)

@mathieu @skynebula @OdyX To reproduce:

1. Turn off Location Services under Privacy
2. Turn off the two settings for automatically setting time and time zone under Time and Date in Settings
3. Manually set your location to a city in a different time zone
4. Turn on the automatic time and time zone settings.

You should not be able to turn on the automatic time and time zone setting as Location Services is off but you can. Time doesn’t update.

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