It's always funny to me how a lot of folks who bang the drum about harassment and fairness don't have that same energy when it comes to dealing with bigots and racists that constantly throw their monkey shit at me.

CIVILITY seems to only become an issue when I refuse to be cordial to some random white guy who tries to engage with me based on some subjective non-sense.

The hatefulness isn't the problem, but my response to it is.

Ha, there's a word for that.

If you've been following me for awhile, you KNOW I don't fuck around when it comes to bigots. I do not believe the should be afforded our civility and kindness because quite often their express purpose is to cause harm.

And I'm not going to be nice with people that mean me harm. I'm not going to pleasant when people badger me with their racist views.

If you're 'objectivity' is based on being pleasant with people have no intentions of respecting your personhood, then you're just a bigot. Period

I've been in verbal and physical fights with bigot and racists on multiple occasions. I know it when I see it. I am an expert in recognizing hate. PHD level.

A lot of white people's idea of civility and objectivity is based around assuming people have good intentions.

And as a dude that has had to dodge bats before, this is fucking false.

There are bad people on the fediverse. There are people that only want to cause harm.

And I will deal with them as I see fit. Fuck you if that offends you.


@Are0h this "civility" thing is insane. And I'm not sure most WP even recognise the aggression you're responding to.

Another example here, Macron visiting a public hospital, nurses protest his policies (budget cuts, corp-style management…), he tells them he is civil with them but they aren't.

WP fall for that, missing his violence and only seeing their "aggressive" response, just like in your case.

Somehow the oppressor is alright as long as he's polite? 😡

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