My ABI checker has just been merged into the Freedesktop SDK.

We can finally be confident that we won't break apps when we update the runtime, which was one of the promises of Flatpak. 🙂

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@mathieu unless we accidentally omit all the typelibs... but that would never happen right?

@alatiera this is the 3rd thing on my TODO list.

(first is opening issues for improvements in the ABI checker, second is one of those improvements)

@liberforce right…

We're doing a postmortem to learn from this failure,. But basically: ABI is currently checked on the Sdk instead of the Platform, which is how it didn't catch the openssl 1.0 removal.

Doing it on the SDK was a shortcut which seemed good enough at the time; what could possibly go wrong?

The irony that a single person both added an ABI checker then proceeded to break ABI is not lost on me… 😓

@mathieu Congratulations! That's a major step forward!

@feoh thanks!

Since my initial toot we went through a few iterations as we encountered problems with the ABI checker.

In particular, it missed a serious ABI break (for a whole day, the runtime published on Flathub has lost OpenSSL 1.0 which broke almost all apps 😱 worst is I made that change, even though I also added the ABI checker…)

Growing pains…

But it's now working really well and prevented us from breaking ABI a few times. 🙂

@mathieu If this stuff were easy everyone woulhe accesd be doing it! I have to tell you I was away from Linux for about a decade and I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the progress the community has made in that time! Desktop Linux is a joy these days, and the accessibility features in mainline Ubuntu mean even a partially blind guy like me can use it comfortably! :)

@feoh accessibility is another area that needs tons of work and has way too few people working on. 🙁

Glad you can see the progress, and are enjoying it, though.

Welcome back. 🙂

@mathieu I'd love to pitch in and make some kind of contribution. Can you recommend a particular project that needs accessibility help? I doubt I'll be able to train up enough to become a C++ dev (I do Python DevOps stuff by day :) but could at least maybe help with documentation or testing or the like...

@feoh you mentioned you use Ubuntu in another toot?

The obvious place would be contributing to GNOME, as that's what Ubuntu is based on. (GNOME handles all the graphical part, from the component drawing windows, to launching applications, and some of the core applications themselves)

So that's really where the a11y work needs to go in priority: apps can then use a11y features provided by GNOME.

@mathieu Yup. Ubuntu 18.04 introduced key chorded full screen zoom, which is a feature I absolutely MUST have. There are times that nothing else does the trick to be able to properly see what I'm clicking with some particular small UI widget or the like. Compiz has had this for years, but Ubuntu was the first mainline distro I'm aware of to ship with it integrated by default :) Thanks for the suggestion I'll look into it!

@feoh pretty sure that's a feature we had in GNOME for a while, but Ubuntu recently switched to GNOME (from Unity) so that might be why you only saw it introduced in 18.04. 😛

@mathieu I've been super impressed by the crew. XDG-Portals seem amazing, and I love the ideas behind t @Sir_Boops uch maligned d-bus :) I'd love it if the freedesktop folks eventually came up for a spec that would allow Linux apps to be addressed / scripted at runtime like Powershell or Applescript!

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