Being anti-racist means being willing to have hard conversations with your friends, and being willing to lose them if they won't listen. That's just how it is. If you think you can call yourself anti-racist and also never face hard choices and never lose anyone... like, that's cute and all but just not how things work.

We're searching for qualified candidates for our open Executive Director position! Check out our announcement for more details on who we're looking for, the full job description, and how to apply:

Think you're a great fit? Send us an application today! Know someone else who's perfect? Share the link!

#GNOME #OpenSource #OpenPosition #Remote

On this day in 1983, socialist revolutionary Thomas Sankara became president of Burkina Faso at the age of 33. He only lasted 4 years because he was killed in a military coup suspected to be backed by the US and France.

Sankara won the love of his people because of his socialist programs and economic prosperity, his confrontation with the national elite, Western imperialism and neo-colonialism.

In those 4 short years he:

• Vaccinated 2.5 million children against meningitis, yellow fever, and measles in weeks.

• Initiated a nationwide literacy campaign, increasing the literacy rate from 13% in 1983 to 73% in 1987.

• Redistributed land from the feudal landlords and gave it directly to the peasants.

• Appointed women to senior positions, encouraged them to work, and granted pregnancy leave during education.

• Called for a united front of African nations to repudiate their foreign debt, arguing the poor and exploited did not have an obligation to repay money to the rich and exploiting.

Et merde les climatologues prévoient encore un retour des 40°C la semaine prochaine avec peut être des orages le week end prochain.
ça serait la 4ème canicule de cet été, et possibilité d'une 5ème en août.

Software As A Service more like Software As A Sévice.......
à bon entendeur.....


You might find it useful to check your #color combinations with one of these two #accessibility #contrast checkers:

Both give contrast ratios and identify when a combination will or won’t work in different situations; large text, UI components, etc…

The later has sliders so you can play around with different combinations.

Hope that helps.

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Une brève histoire de capitalistes qui se plaignent de ce que plus personne ne souhaite travailler pour un salaire de misère

La dernière version de uBlock origins fait crashmon firefox mobile, est-ce que vous savez comment downgrade la version d'une extension mobile, et aussi comment empêcher l'installation automatique des mises à jour des modules firefox sur mobile ?

Pour la Cour de cassation, participer à une manifestation non déclarée n'est pas une infraction

"la Cour de cassation a rendu, mi-juin, une décision majeure pour les futurs mouvements sociaux : selon la plus haute juridiction, une personne ne peut se faire verbaliser pour avoir simplement participé à une manifestations non déclarée."

how to survive hot summers 

with temps surpassing 40º in the UK and my European friends woefully unprepared to deal with hotter and hotter summers, I thought I'd share how we do it back home.

- Change your wardrobe. Don't wear jeans or thick, tight clothing in summer. Light colours help, but it's less important than the fabric being loose and breathable. Imagine you get a gust of wind; can you feel the wind? Linen fabric and synthetic activewear are great for this.

- Cover all your skin when going out into the sun, either with loose breathable clothing, or sunscreen.

- "But I'm only going to the tram" – if you don't like dying of melanoma, sunscreen yourself before walking under the radiation of the nuclear deathstar in the sky.

- Wear a summer hat and/or sunglasses.

- Always be sipping. Doesn't matter if you feel thirsty or not, carry water bottles everywhere, fill them on taps, sip often. If you don't the symptom isn't necessarily thirst; it's feeling tired, sluggish, brainfog etc., eventually sunstroke.

- Learn how to make hydrating serum (1L water, 20g sugar, 5g salt). In case someone has sunstroke give them serum; it hits faster than pure water. (also good for other forms of dehydration.)

- Tea and coffe hydrate you, even accounting for diuretic effect. Alcohol dehydrates; if drinking alcohol, drink at least the same amount of water with it.

- Give up not sweating. Sweating is good. It's a very efficient evaporative cooling system (that's why you need breathable clothing, and sipping water).

- Cold meals, refrigerated fruit and ice drinks are great. Counter-intuitively, hot drinks cool you down too, by hyping up the sweat system. Same goes for hot-spicy food. (this literally cools you down, look it up.)

- Don't go outside when the sun is high. Don't eat in outside tables when the sun is high. Don't go to parks, pools or beaches when the sun is high. Wait until the deathstar isn't killing you.

- Lower your expectations of productivity. It's the apocalypse, fuck work. Procrastinate in the hot hours. Kill time. Nap. Implement the siesta as an institution.

- The buildings here are more prepared for cold weather than hot. You might want to invest in good fans, or even cold floors. High ceilings are fresher.

- The higher the air humidity %, the less effective is sweating at cooling you. Be extra careful on high-humidity high-temp days.

- summer nights can be surprisingly chilly. don't get caught unprepared in your super-breathable, breezy hot girl look during a temp drop with rain and wind outside 3am.

Travail et méthodologie IT 

Je lis un article sur Agile et Scrum, je m'amuse beaucoup.

"Waterfall reproduit le modèle social d’une organisation dysfonctionnelle avec une hiérarchie définie. Bien souvent, Agile reproduit le modèle social d’une organisation dysfonctionnelle — sans hiérarchie clairement définie."

About the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: 

I designed the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: about a year ago. I'd like to explain the meanings behind each element.

First off, there are the mirror of Venus and spear of Mars--traditional symbols of female and male identities, respectively.

But the central circle is intended to represent agender identities, and the incomplete arc to represent demi- and other nonbinary identities. 1/

Ça me saoule tellement qu'on 2022 on ait toujours pas de fontaine pour remplir des gourdes dans des gares alors qu'il fait 35°. Genre les toilettes sont payantes et prises d'assaut, et la seule solution c'est d'acheter de l'eau :moji22:

TW: bonne vidéo d'un psy sur les trans

Alors il avoue faire des approximations, mais globalement ça me parait complet et cohérent.

Change-t-on de sexe bêtement à cause d'Internet? - Psykonnaisance #33

Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

RT de Sarah Denisse :

Ne laissons pas les pollueurs se moquer de nous avec des pubs vantant leur neutralité carbone et autres concepts illusoires. Après @TotalEnergies et @adidasFR en 🇫🇷, c'est au tour de @KLM d'être attaquée pour publicité trompeuse aux 🇳🇱! #BanFossilAds

Les #communs culturels c'est par exemple la magnifique bibliothèque numérique de livres jeunesse, réunie par @cyrille membre de @Framasoft

"Ce site met à votre disposition 1300 livres qui sont élevés dans le domaine public ou proposés sous licence libre. Vous avez donc le droit de les lire, de les copier, de les redistribuer, de les modifier librement."

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