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Petite cartographie du nombre de brasseries par habitants par département en France -

RT Où l'on apprend qu'un cadre haut placé du parti au pouvoir, a tabassé un manifestant au sol à coups de casque de police !

Ça ne se passe pas à Téhéran ou Moscou, mais à Paris, le 1er mai 2018. Il y a peu, le dixième d'une telle exaction aurait provoqué un scandale national.


Personally, I think Masto is a brilliant idea. It pushed me to consider some things that I had not previously. And managing my instance is immensly satisfying. I just enjoy the work.

However, as we get deeper into understanding the nature of social media, we are seeing the main problem with it is more so culture than technology.

There need to be some considerations made that take the culture bit as seriously, if not more so, than the coding piece.

That’s where progress will happen.

Announcing the GNOME Game Jam 2018. Let's create a fun new touch game for #GNOME!


@cypnk I stuck with i3 a long time, but got frustrated at the extra work needed to get things running. Whereas with GNOME stuff just works.

@mathieu @espectalll Thanks, Mathieu. Makes sense. And yet another example of the shortsightedness of capitalism in enclosing basic infrastructure. 🙄

Quand je nique les droits des pauvres
(via Chercherjournal sur twitter)

I got the link on here a few days ago, but didn't read it until now and I can't find where I got it from to just boost their toot. 🙁

In any case, this is a great article:

@Are0h yeah. These are really a fantastic example of Devs doing stuff that only serves their own purposes and nothing else.

Itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. (Including this one!) This means they're...

💼Portable - you don't need a server to host them
👁Private - nothing is sent to–or stored on–this server
🎁Easy to share as a link or QR code

Les coursiers de plusieurs compagnies de coursiers à vélo (#Deliveroo, #Foodora, etc) appellent à une grève d’une semaine à partir de dimanche, pour un tarif minimum et une prise en compte de la pénibilité professionnelle.

The joy of figuring out why my laptop was overheating, and finding a way to stop it from doing that…