Et le gagnant du concours du meilleur espoir du petit Kapo aigri est ... !!


Un jour, ils nous obéiront. Et ce jour là, ils trembleront.


someone made an open list of companies that supported + are using ICE

@fanny « En tant que vieux monsieurs dominants, nous estimons qu'il n'est sans doute pas sage de se donner la possibilité, en tant que société, de réévaluer le bien-fondé de la domination des vieux monsieurs. »

All the people saying that ICE's usage of FLOSS code to execute their inhumane border policy being a political issue that should be kept out of the FLOSS world don't have the right to call themselves software engineers IMO.

Engineers have a sense of responsibility.

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Hear me out: tech conferences, but instead of masturbating about http you unionize everyone present

rms, a defense of free software 

thinking about privacy & fedi software again 

The working class is bigger than you think, and yes, computer programmers are often in it.

It’s frustrating when people equate working class solely with blue collar.

imagine working a job that genuinely and directly affected the quality of life for the community you depend on. imagine if every job was like that.

To all GNU project members past and present. I want to hear from you. Please email me.

I'm entirely in favor of building an altruistic Commons where people aren't counting pennies of value at each other to make sure everyone got their exact right share and instead focusing on everyone's needs.

But fuck if a CTO is gonna tell me that's what Rails is doing.

It's not about simply burnout or sustainability. It's about fairly compensating people's work -- and not just the work of folks who send patches in.

Modern open source is corporate exploitation with a thin veneer of warm fuzzies sprinkled on top in hopes no one will notice.

I'm gonna keep beating the damn drum that so long as we have a system that requires people work to live, permissive open source is just plain exploitation of free labor. This can only change if our current economic system becomes something else. Period.

@mvtcolibris Qwant ne fait pas plus de l'Internet libre que Google. C'est curieux comme choix d'intervenant.

D'ailleurs, pourquoi écrire « Association Framasoft » et pas « SAS Qwant » ?

Stallman, #MeToo 

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