elementary OS is now available on a range of devices from Slimbook, from thin and light laptops to all-in-ones and desktops. Plus, every purchase with elementary OS helps support development. Welcome, Slimbook! blog.elementary.io/devices-sli

In case you missed it: we’ve left Google Analytics in favor of Plausible. Read why, and learn why we like Plausible so much more with our brief review. blog.elementary.io/leaving-goo

Just proposed a branch that should significantly improve dark mode. I also am now scheduling dark mode in the middle of my day so that I use it more often: github.com/elementary/styleshe

We’ve brought elementary OS 6 pre-release builds to Pinebook Pro as an experiment, and it works pretty well. :) Read David’s write-up of the process and learn how to get it for yourself! blog.elementary.io/elementary-

Good to see @elementary exploring new ways to fund the project with Early Access Builds.

Donations are hard! Looking at their site stats "Payment Skipped" is the top action taken (58k) while "Payment: Complete" only has 1k plausible.io/elementary.io


Just released the last version of Files for Hera. New stuff for Odin incoming!

One of these days I will tug on a loose thread and the only thing that will happen is that one loose thread will come out. That’s it. Just that thread. Quick. Painless.

While we have a few elementary OS 5.1 updates to cover for the month of July, the bigger news is that we’re ready to start talking about elementary OS 6. Check out the updates, some features planned for elementary OS 6, and how you can get Early Access. blog.elementary.io/updates-for

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