We’ve published a new ISO of elementary OS 6 that includes boot fixes for certain EFI machines, including Dell models. If you had trouble booting into the installer before, give this one a try! Previous email receipts will get the new download as well. elementary.io

Join us now for a livestream looking at all the updates since the elementary OS 6 release with our co-founder, @CassidyJames@twitter.com!

Join co-founder Cassidy James Blaede tomorrow for a live Q&A and a demo of some features coming to the new elementary OS. youtu.be/m9_aqgCxIn0

Be sure to open AppCenter and hit “Update All” today; a local user vulnerability was discovered by the Qualys Security Advisory team and has been patched and made available to users of elementary OS thanks to the quick work of the Canonical security team. ubuntu.com/security/notices/US

One of the most hotly-requested features for elementary OS is proper multi-touch gestures, and we hear you. Learn about the work going into elementary OS 6, our swipiest OS release ever.️ blog.elementary.io/multitouch-

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