Started working on porting System Settings to LibHandy.Deck. Still needs lots of work, but stuttering is due to screen recorder. It's silky smooth multi-touch navigation action

Check it out, we’re featured on the blog! Shoutouts to the 66 people who have already sponsored us. You’re the best!


GitHub Sponsors is out of beta for organizations in 32 regions 💖 🎉

Get funded as a sponsored organization today!


Week 1 of the new stylesheet and it's almost usable as a daily environment. Lots of improvements to come. Plenty more widgets to style. Need to improve contrast in some areas still. But overall we have a very clean framework. Get hyped!

#elementaryos est pas mal, dites moi ? Ça démarre vite, n’est pas surchargée, basée sur du #ubuntu lts. Bon, faut jouer un peu du ppa, mais je suis agréablement surpris. @elementaryFR

We’ve recently updated our developer page with some refreshed and expanded documentation using . Check it out!

Congrats to our friends in the community on their latest release! We’re super excited to build the next elementary OS on such an amazing foundation 😘


It's here! Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is available for download 🎉 #UbuntuLTS


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