If you’ve been waiting for an updates blog, here it is! Updates for OS 6.1 this month, plus more info about the release of OS 7 blog.elementary.io/updates-for

Huge thanks to @msnzhl@twitter.com for these quality of life improvements to AppCenter. Likely coming to OS 7 after some more UX work. AppCenter keeps getting better!


Nouveauté dans le AppCenter | Application de Flux RSS, compatible avec plusieurs services comme Inoreader ou FreshRSS



Nouveauté dans le AppCenter | Application de modification d'image.

Équivalent à Paint



Nouveauté dans le AppCenter | Application de rajout de raccourcis dans le menu Applications.

Equivalent à Appedditor


We’ve published a new ISO of elementary OS 6 that includes boot fixes for certain EFI machines, including Dell models. If you had trouble booting into the installer before, give this one a try! Previous email receipts will get the new download as well. elementary.io

Join us now for a livestream looking at all the updates since the elementary OS 6 release with our co-founder, @CassidyJames@twitter.com!

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