Due to our desire to get in touch with our audience even more, we are starting a new rubric.
You ask, We answer ! It has never been easier !
So, if you have any question about Free Softwares spirit, disciplines and any details, you can ask it straight away in a message to one of our social media accounts. Our answers will be provided by our members and professors.
We can't wait to answer your questions.

Free Software Club 🐃 - Faculty of Sciences Monastir 29 Feb 2020.
JLL: Journée des Logiciels Libre 🎉
Special thanks to CLL : Club des Logiciels Libres Tunis for the invitation 🤝 Our dear congrats for the success of such a great day full of knowledge ! 👌

Archive : Déplacement Ideathon à Kairouan, le 27 Janvier 2020.

Prix: Deuxième Médaille🥈.

Archive: Workshop Python Niv 1 de 15 à 23 Février 2020.

Gallerie: frama.link/PythWorkshop

Archive : "Ubuntu Install Party" le 04 décembre 2019.

Gallerie : frama.link/InstallParty


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